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My Monthly Blogging Routine & How You Can Use It


7:49 am
March 17, 2011

The Financial Blogger


posts 429





Some bloggers asked me what my weekly blogging
routine was. They wanted to know how I was able to manage multiple sites,
creating niche sites and writing content at the same time… all this while
keeping my day job ;-). So this article is about how I manage my time throughout the month.


Each morning – I blog


Each morning, I take an hour to write articles.
I work from an idea list on my USB key (my best friend!) (if you want more info
on how I manage my ideas and blgos, I suggest you go read How
I run multiple blogs
). I am usually able to write 2 to 3 posts per
morning (between 500 to 1000 words each).


How Can I Write So
Fast? The Answer Lies within 3 Easy Points:


#1 I’ve taken typing lessons
when I was young. Therefore, I write as fast as a professional secretary. I
think that learning to type faster is a must for bloggers.


#2 I don’t edit my articles.
I pay someone to look into them. English is my second language (you probably
notice that by my newsletter since it’s not edited and includes grammatical
mistakes… sorry about this!) and I write with passion (therefore, I forget some
words sometimes!). I need someone to read my stuff and edit it.


#3 When I take time to build my idea
list, I also include sub-titles for each
article ideas
. Then, once all ideas have been written in point forms, it’s
easy to write paragraphs that go with it!


Each morning – I look
at my stats


I should do this routine once a week or even
once a month but I just can’t take my eyes away from my stats. I look at Adense
and Google Analytics for 5 minutes each morning. I look at the trend for each
site to make sure everything is working well.


When I identify something wrong, I just take a
note (I sent myself an email) and I take care of it on my “business day” each


Once a week – I manage


I gather all my communications with VA’s and
writers for my “day of business”. I try to minimize interaction throughout the
week and communicate with them efficiently once a week. In order to be more
efficient, I also gave one VA (my full time employee) the responsibility of
communicating with most of my writers. So unless something big happens, I only
have 2 contacts to do per week; my 2 VA’s.


Each week, I have a conference call of 30
minutes with my full time employee. I want to see what is going well, where she
may need help and we talk about the company in general.


I also plan my activities, my projects along
with my future post on that day. I think it’s important to gather all your
ideas and play with them for an hour or so. This gives more power to your
projects ;-).



Once a week – I create


My working day has become very important. This
is the moment where I can make the difference between “growing steadily with my
current websites” and “growing much faster by putting additional projects in
place”. This is where I create several things (depending on the day). It can

on my ebook (1st is coming soon, promise!)

on my niche websites (we currently have 2 setup: Home Security System
and Second Hand Saddles HQ and
I’m almost done with my 3rd one (soon to announced!)

guest posts

on new affiliate programs

my newsletters


Without this day, I would lack of time for
creation. And this is what I like the most.


Once a month – I plan
my next month


At the beginning of each month, I take a look
at what has been done and what I want to do next month. I determine specific
objectives for each VA’s and myself. Therefore, I know what will be done
throughout the month and where we are heading. I always refer back to my 2011
blogging goals
to see if I’m in line with them and asking myself what
can be done to make it happens.


I cut down on several
tasks with my Virtual Assistants


My VA’s are a great help for me. They take care
of several things:



other writers

writing plans for some blogs

keyword researches with Market Samurai

on niche websites

(comments, carnival submissions, social media)

spinning with The Best
and submission

As you can see, they do a lot of the
“mechanical” stuff where I keep creation and strategy for my business day. In
the end, what I did was to find people to do stuff I don’t like or I’m not too
good at while I kept what I am good at. This is how I manage my time so


I think this is the key for any kind of
business; concentrate on what you are
good at and outsource everything else


Take care,




8:53 am
March 17, 2011

Eliza Cross


posts 164

This is really great information, Mike! Your discipline and organization is very inspiring.

Visit my site at Happy Simple Living

Let's connect on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Also at BENSA, my fun site for bacon lovers!

9:33 am
March 17, 2011

Sustainable PF


posts 2759

I'm curious Mike, how many other blogs do you read?  I recall you mentioning that a VA comments on your behalf (at least for Do Not Wait).

How do you select blogs that will get read / commented on / included in your Yakezie roundups?

Visit us at Sustainable Personal Finance

Or Earth and Money

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9:38 am
March 17, 2011

The Financial Blogger


posts 429



I jump from one blog to another through my google reader ;-)


I have determined specific list of blogs that my VA's must follow based on previous articles and people that link back to me. From time to time, I update this list according to my new found while taking other blogs off the list because they either don't correspond to my interest or my blog readership.


this is why I don't comment much; I read everything from my google reader and this is already taking me some times (usually in the metro on my way to work ;-) ).

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