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*Brand New Here* Got a chance to interview Financial Samurai & 29 other Finance Experts! Get In Here!


10:51 am
March 8, 2015


Santiago, Dominican Republic


posts 22

Post edited 10:55 am – March 8, 2015 by TheLendingMag

I'm sooo freakin' pumped to find and join this community! Hey all!

The coolest thing for me is that I already recognize so many of you, because I already read a lot of your blogs, follow you on twitter or some other social platform. I had no clue you all were networking down here in this underground lair, ha.

I'm happy to find it, but also feel a little left out of the loop, lol.

I even had Sam as 1/30th of an expert panel I recently put together about P2P lending investments, had no clue about his Yakezie project until yesterday when I was looking to reach out and share my content with other finance bloggers who might find value in and link to my interview and I then stumbled upon Yakezie from someone's blogroll.(How's THAT for a run-on sentence!?)

I don't know about you all, but more than half of the great things I do online come from happenstance discoveries, fueled by my never-ending search for information and desire of continued work-from-home success.

Anyway, I really hope this is an active community. I haven't been this excited since I found the WickedFire forum(kind of an underground SEO spot) a few years ago. Pure quality info and connections.

Anyway, my name is Warren Lee, owner of

I have absolutely NO doubt that TLM is headed in the right direction and will be a leading voice in the growing P2P lending & borrowing space. Blogging is FUN, it's not work for me. I actually teach English as a foreign language online as well and I'm scaling back on that and ramping up my blogging, because I'd rather blog(and do everything related to it) for 12 hours a day rather than 1 hour of teaching English class(just threw up a lil' bit…)

I look forward to building relationships and making connections with you. I'm definitely in this for the long haul, I've been blogging since 2007 and have made a decent amount of money for the level of knowledge I have regarding SEO.

Where I failed was isolating myself in my little SEO tactics mindset and not reaching out to others, that will help me and I like to help others. I like being cool with cool people. So it works.Laugh





My proudest moment online just recently happened… This interview article:…..r-lending/

5:52 pm
March 8, 2015


Santiago, Dominican Republic


posts 22

Maybe it's the Sunday curse….


Looking forward to Monday.

My proudest moment online just recently happened… This interview article:…..r-lending/

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