The Yakezie is the web’s largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network. We started in December of 2009, and have since grown to become a thriving community eager to help others and help each other. We strive to optimize reader’s personal finances and allow people to lead better lives. We are over 100 Members strong of individual voices, individual owners and different opinions who have all gone through a 6-month Challenge to join the network.

The difference between our Network and other networks is that we all know each other and collaborate. The 6-month Yakezie Challenge ensures only the most dedicated and highest level blogs can join. At any given moment, we have some 15-30 Challengers in the making who are doing their best to improve their sites and network with existing Yakezie Members and fellow Challengers. We are constantly discussing new ideas and helping each other out publicly and privately.

We are doctors, lawyers, consultants, bankers, techies, entrepreneurs, mothers, and fathers. We even have a Georgia State Senator as a long time member in Dr. Dean Burke. We all have a passion for writing and understand that power of social media and the web. Collectively, we will enact positive change through initiatives such as the Yakezie Writing Contest where we donate more than $1,000 directly to three winning recipients. Chances are you have seen us in the news, seen us around the web, or heard about us from friends and family. We are here to help you, as well as consistently help each other.

To maintain the quality of the Yakezie Network, we review our Members throughout the year to ensure that everybody is still actively participating and maintaining their sites. Members who are not active as demonstrated by a fall-off in Alexa below 500,000 and a lack of interaction will be given a courtesy heads up. There are too many fantastic personal finance sites who would like to join the Network that we must respect the culture and quality of the Network.

To read more about the Yakezie Network please click here to read the first welcome post.  Please also read The Yakezie Value Proposition which highlights the reason why we love this Network and what we can provide for all of you interested in joining.

Please feel free to contact us at sam AT yakezie DOT com.


Sam, Founder of the Yakezie Network

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