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Hello Everyone


1:10 pm
July 23, 2011

My University Money


posts 129

Hello personal finance gurus, I go by the pseudonym of Teacherman.  My partner J.B. and I started up My University Money a few months ago after soaking up a lot of the information presented on all of your sites over the years.  We are both recent graduates (I started my masters degree a couple weeks ago) and thought we could combine the personal finance tips we learn every week, with lifestyle suggestions aimed at students of all ages.  You may have noticed us obnoxiously commenting on some of our favourite sites (sorry Sam) and we believe that will enjoy continuing to engage with Yakezie members from all walks of life.

We announced on our website this week that we are formally joining the Yakezie challenge and we hope to become a contributing member of the Yakezie community!  We would definitely welcome any advice, suggestions, or comments (not to mention support!) that any of you have.  

Education Costs Money, But Ignorance Costs More

       Check us out @ My University Money  


1:30 pm
July 23, 2011


Florida, USA


posts 1778

hello set up your signature, to get people visiting your site. Feel free to ask any questions, I am a challenger too, trying hard to become a member, good luck and happy writing


One Cent At A Time  (Yakezie Member Site)

Finance Product Reviews

2:59 pm
July 23, 2011

Hunter @financiallyc

Virginia Beach


posts 707

Welcome. It's great to see that you have a clear mission. I imagine that would be a popular niche. Looking forward to learning more.

3:50 pm
July 23, 2011

LaTisha @YoungFinances


posts 1715



Young Adult Finances

Most Popular Post: I Have a Confession, I Don't Have a Budget

4:33 pm
July 23, 2011

Suba @ Wealth Informatics


posts 1876

Welcome My University Money! New graduate personal finance is a great niche. I checked out your site after reading your comments @ BFS. If you need any help, have a comment or just want to say hello… feel free to drop me an email (in my signature) or drop by my site.


Good luck with the challenge!



Visit me @ Wealth Informatics Financial freedom through information

Connect with me via Facebook Wealth Informatics page

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Have a comment or want to say hello – wealth [dot] Informatics [at] gmail [dot] com

Editor @ Broke Professionals

4:37 pm
July 23, 2011

Pat S


posts 160

Welcome to the community! 

Pat S.

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook

5:50 pm
July 23, 2011

My Personal Finance Journey


posts 3159

Welcome! Good to have you here!

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

Visit me at My Personal Finance Journey

Email me

Be my Facebook Friend, Follow my journey on Twitter

8:25 pm
July 23, 2011

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff


posts 3048

Hi!!!  Welcome here and at my blog – I've enjoyed seeing you this past week!  I will be tuning in.  :-)

Remember to set up your Yakezie signature when you get a chance – just click on Profile in the top right and it's a signature option.  :-)


Yakezie Member Site: 

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Ebook:  How I Make Money Blogging:
The Beginner's Guide to Building a Money-Making Site

Email:  budgetingfunstuff *at* gmail *dot* com

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook

9:38 pm
July 23, 2011

101 Centavos


posts 216

Welcome Teacherman – Like SB said, you'll need a sig line.

10:17 pm
July 23, 2011




posts 1381

Welcome to Yakezie. This is a great community, I think you'll like it! Smile

retire by 40

Twitter: @retirebyforty

Facebook: Retire By 40 

6:57 am
July 24, 2011

My University Money


posts 129

Thanks for the welcome and support guys!

Education Costs Money, But Ignorance Costs More

       Check us out @ My University Money  


1:57 pm
July 24, 2011



posts 1012


3:23 pm
July 24, 2011

Buy Like Buffett


posts 1682

Welcome My University Money!




Learn how to build wealth at Buy Like Buffett.

Learn about making money online at Mark Riddix dot com

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6:31 am
July 25, 2011



posts 136

Welcome to the Yakezie community!

9:14 am
July 25, 2011



posts 1298

Welcome to the Yakezie network! Hopefully we'll see you in these forums more often. It sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge that you will be sharing on your site. Very exciting!

Derek @ Life And My Finances 




9:36 am
July 25, 2011

The Happy Homeowner


posts 123

Welcome!!  I'm new as well, and I look forward to reading more about your journey 

The Happy Homeowner

The Happy Homeowner

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