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Help Looking for Private Advertising/Sponsorships


8:38 am
October 16, 2013



posts 139

As I approach my 6 month of operation, I've been wondering how I might attract, recruit, and/or secure private sponsorship deals and advertisers. I prefer the targeted nature of these ads and value the quality they bring. I'm wondering if anybody has any help or experience in this!

Thanks everyone!

7:18 am
October 17, 2013



posts 1012

I'll be honest, without PR those aren't coming anytime soon. 

9:25 am
October 17, 2013



posts 139

Hmm… I had the understanding that that was a deprecated and antiquated measurement that Google doesn't even use anymore. But upon searching my domain's PR, you're right… I have no PR. I've been around for almost 6 months. Wonder if there's going to be an update any point.

10:34 am
October 17, 2013

My Personal Finance Journey


posts 3159

Yeah really the only thing you can do is just continue to build your site. It's quite common to not make really any money for the 1st year of blogging, so don't worry too much. 

About the only thing you can do is put up a "contact me" page so that folks that see your site can get in touch with you when they're interested. 

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2:31 pm
October 17, 2013



posts 1456

frugaling said:

Hmm… I had the understanding that that was a deprecated and antiquated measurement that Google doesn't even use anymore. But upon searching my domain's PR, you're right… I have no PR. I've been around for almost 6 months. Wonder if there's going to be an update any point.


It's doubtful that any updates will take place prior to 2014…at least according to Matt Cutts latest vid

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5:42 pm
October 17, 2013




posts 190

Though not really a good measurement of site quality, PR is what most advertisers still use.  My site has been stuck at a 2 for close to a year, but since Google is not really pushing updates as much as they used to, it is making me lose out on some good deals.  It is the nature of the game.  Just keep playing and you will get there.

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12:56 pm
October 18, 2013


Lehi, UT


posts 184

I'm stuck at a 0 PR too (combination of being new and PR being stale). You can get deals done, but it is a lot harder. I wish advertisers would realize PR is stale and use other metrics.

4:04 pm
October 18, 2013




posts 12

I'll have to keep an eye out once the new year rolls around to see if any updates go through.  For now I am stuck in the ether of newness.  Which I am okay with since my site is still really young.

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10:01 am
October 21, 2013

Eve of Reduction

Buffalo, NY


posts 46

How do you know your PR number. Where are you getting this info? 

Thanks for your help!

Cristin Frank
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8:11 pm
October 21, 2013



posts 259

I've had some success discussing the PR problem with potential advertisers and making them realize that they're missing out on some deals by not focusing on DA instead of PR. In two cases we had enough good discussions that I was able to help them see DA and PA is where the ball is headed, not PR. I like to think I helped them and me.

5:39 am
October 22, 2013

Kylie Ofiu


posts 65

Actually, pretty much none of my advertisers care about PR, but then I have a stack of other things to bring to the table. My traffic and social media engagement was of more concern than PR.

I prefer private advertising too.

Kylie Ofiu

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6:37 am
October 23, 2013



posts 327

Post edited 6:38 am – October 23, 2013 by seedebtrun

To the user looking for a way to check his PR, I recommend this link:

Check Domains Website Analyzer


It will give you your PR, mozRank, domain Authority, and much more.



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