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NUDE PHOTOS and Adbrite


8:53 pm
March 15, 2012

The Single Saver


posts 689

I bet this title caught your attention!

I just thought I would put a warning out there for anyone who might be considering using Adbrite.  I have used them for over a year and for the most part I have been happy.  I got decent results from them and have made a decent rate.  But despite having my ads set to 'family friendly' I started getting a lot of ads for dating Russian girls, etc.  THE SINGLE SAVER IS NOT THAT KIND OF SITE!  My readers want to save money… not get into an expensive trans-Atlantic "relationship."  Geesh! 

I contacted Adbrite and they explained that somehow my settings had been changed and that is why I was getting all ads.  They quickly fixed the problem for me and all was well.

Until today!

I just checked my site and saw an Abrite ad for NUDE PHOTOS on my site!  And to make it worse, it was on my article regarding my paying off my car.  NOT COOL, ADBRITE… NOT COOL! 

So I just removed Adbrite from my sites.  I gave them a 2nd chance last Summer. They won't get a 3rd chance.  These types of ads could really give my site a very bad name!

If you use Adbrite, be sure to check your settings on a regular basis because apparently they just randomly change them on you when it suites them.  Oh, and Adbirte might not be suitable for anyone whose site has "single" in the name because they obviously have dirty minds.  Wink

The Single (and Small Family) Saver

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10:20 am
March 16, 2012

Khaleef @ KNS Financial

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet


posts 3149

I believe that Crystal had a similar experience with them, even after setting filters and contacting them. It is too bad that they still haven't gotten their act together!

Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley

My Battle to Lose 100lbs and Pay off $100k in Debt:…..innywallet

Personal Finance From A Biblical Perspective:

11:25 am
March 16, 2012

This That And The MBA


posts 240

It did get my attention and drove me to your site.  Good content and nice site.  I will visit it regularly now with my RSS subscription.




Come check me out and let me know what you think of my site!!!

12:41 pm
March 16, 2012

Invest It Wisely


posts 2019

Wow… I remember when I alerted Crystal to this there were photos of women with big boobs and stuff like that, but at least they still had some clothes on! Definitely was not safe for work. ;)

5:52 pm
March 16, 2012


New York


posts 846

I only came to read the article. Cool


Thanks for the tease and warning. 

2:50 am
March 17, 2012



posts 31

good tease but yeah I'd stay away from adbrite for those reasons, what kind of CPM are you seeing with them? better than adsense?

InsuranceDoesMatter coming soon!

12:31 am
March 18, 2012

Sandy @ yesiamcheap

New York, NY


posts 802

They've been doing this for years.  I removed them about two or three years ago for the same thing.  They ignore your settings and display what they want.  The CPM wasn't worth it either.

I'm digging my way out of some serious debt at

8:55 pm
March 18, 2012

Financial Samurai


posts 1803

Kinda nuts.  Apologies from SF, as they are based right here.  No wonder why my friend quit there.  She said it was quite disorganized. 

I tried them looong time ago, and had similar shocking ad results.  




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Yakezie Network Founder 

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