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Questions about blog carnivals


12:26 pm
April 6, 2012

Finance Yoga



posts 86

So, I have a couple of questions about blog carnivals.

1. What IS  a blog carnival and how do they work?

2. What blog carnival's would you recommend? 


For your answers, imagine I know nothing about blog carnivals (other than the fact that it is a good thing to be a part of)

My blog is about finance (in case you didn't catch that by my user name and my signature Wink)


Thanks in advance for the help.

12:47 pm
April 6, 2012



posts 187

Hi FY!


Blog carnivals are a group of some of the best blog posts around the web for a given 1-2 week period. They're hosted by various financial bloggers and they generally are posted over the weekends.


They're great because they help you build some backlinks and it is also a great way to recognize some of the better reading material of the week.


I'd recommend you visit this site:


There you can submit to a lot of the main carnivals: Financial Simplicity, Carnival of Personal Finance, Best of Money, Festival of Frugality, Carnival of Wealth, Totally Money Blog Carnival, Carnival of Financial Planning, and The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie. There is a section on this forum about the Yakezie Carnival as well and I'd recommend you submit to that too!


You have to submit to each of the carnivals each week and the host is responsible for choosing which posts make it.


I'm hosting the Financial Simplicity carnival this weekend so try and get your post submitted tonight!


I hope that helps!

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12:47 pm
April 6, 2012



posts 187

I really love your logo by the way! Great work!

Website: WorkSaveLive
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Facebook: WorkSaveLive

5:22 am
April 7, 2012

Finance Yoga



posts 86

Thanks a bunch! I enjoy graphic design, however, logo's are all I do and know nothing about coding of any sort lol. 

7:31 am
April 7, 2012

Hank Coleman

North Carolina


posts 363

Definitely great logo. Very cool

10:10 am
April 8, 2012

Modest Money


posts 256

You definitely want to be submitting your best posts to carnivals each week.  They provide some juicy dofollow in-content links that you don't get from most blog commenting.  It's also a great way to get on other bloggers' radars.


Keep in mind that most carnivals only allow you to submit 1 post per week and it usually has to be have been published in the past week.  So make a point of really submitting your best content.


There are at least a few bloggers on here who offer carnival submission services for a small fee.  I personally feel that it is easy enough to do on my own, but you may want to free up any time you can since blogging is a lot of work.


For a list of some good carnivals to submit to, refer to this site:…


Usually it is good etiquette to link back to any carnival post that includes you.  And be sure your post actually fits into the carnival's theme and categories, otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time.


For most carnivals the hosting is rotated amongst various blogs and you can often sign up to host.  So each carnival usually has varying levels of benefits each week.

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6:13 am
April 9, 2012



posts 327

I think that Carnival Submissions should be really be part of your blogging 101 process.

If you want to grow your blog, you need backlinks.  Carnivals provide a great way to get a high quality backlink.


As mentioned earlier, be sure to do a round-up every 1-2 weeks and link back to the Carnival Host to return the favor.

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8:54 am
April 9, 2012

20s Finances


posts 1147

What everyone has said is true. The way I look at it is this – If I don't submit my posts to carnivals, I am losing an opportunity to get more links to my site. You can't go back in time to submit your posts, so you might as well take advantage now.


If you have any further questions about carnivals, feel free to email me.



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