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Any Betterment New Year's Resolution Blogger Carnival Participants?


4:02 pm
December 5, 2011





I was wondering if anybody is participating in the Betterment New Year's Resolution Blogger Carnival and if you want to help each other out.


They CC'd everybody on the original email, so I know some Yakeziers received the announcement.


If anybody is participating and wants to help each other out, please indicate so here.


Basically, if you submit an article to be published, they want you to reciprocate by Tweeting and Facebooking about the carnival and especially your own post.


I figured we could help promote each other's posts when they went live for maximum exposure.


Basically, my idea is that when your post goes live on the Betterment blog, you post about it here, and then everyone who is participating can go and Tweet/Facebook your post.


So if you want to participate, please leave a comment indicating so here, and then when your post goes live, post that here as well, so everybody who is following this thread can go and promote it.


Anyway, just an idea, I'll be glad to help promote anybody's article if you indicate so here.

4:43 pm
December 5, 2011



posts 71

I'm participating and would be happy to tweet out posts as they're published.

6:39 pm
December 5, 2011



posts 133

Can anyone enter or only if you received the email? I'm new to carnivals…

8:10 am
December 6, 2011

LaTisha @YoungFinances


posts 1715

I'm participating! I'm slotted for the 27th. I will post when it's live.


Young Adult Finances

Most Popular Post: I Have a Confession, I Don't Have a Budget

11:19 am
December 6, 2011

Khaleef @ KNS Financial

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet


posts 3149

I never received an email…is participation invite-only?

Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley

My Battle to Lose 100lbs and Pay off $100k in Debt:…..innywallet

Personal Finance From A Biblical Perspective:

11:20 am
December 6, 2011

Sustainable PF


posts 2759

I think so.  We never heard anything about this, until now.

Khaleef @ KNS Financial said:

I never received an email…is participation invite-only?

Visit us at Sustainable Personal Finance

Or Earth and Money

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2:13 pm
December 6, 2011

Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog


posts 964

I never got anything about this either – good luck everyone!


Sustainable Life Blog

4:00 pm
December 6, 2011



Well, this carnival was by email invite only, however, I just realized that the email also said that you could share the opportunity with fellow bloggers if you knew of any, so I am now posting the email here for everyone's participation:


You only have until Friday Nov. 9th to submit your form, although I'm sure they might consider exceptions to that if they get a good response.


The link to the form is:


It should also work in the email link below:


Hello PF Bloggers!


Happy December! The folks here at Betterment hope you are all doing well and getting excited for the holiday season.


As you all know, the New Year is upon us, and many of our readers, followers, and customers will be thinking about the best things to do with their money in 2012. In fact 33% of all Americans will make a New Year’s resolution related to their finances.


So why not help them stick to those goals?

Introducing….Betterment’s New Year’s Resolution Blogger Carnival!


This year we are hosting a carnival from 12/15 through 1/15 (or later) to help all of our followers digest some good content about personal finance in the New Year, and, of course, to give back to all of you – the PF bloggers who have helped so much in spreading the Better word!

So here’s how it works:


Throughout the month we will host articles by all of you on the Betterment blog! Up to two articles will be hosted per day, and they will likely go up every other day or so. In addition to hosting your article, we will include a direct link to your blog and links to your twitter and facebook pages. We will continue hosting content as long as we have it, so if the carnival has to go through the month of January, that’s great!


All we ask in return is that you tweet/post about the Carnival on twitter and facebook throughout the Carnival duration (of course tagging Betterment), especially on the day we host your article.


That’s it!


The rules are as follows:

1.       Each post must be relevant to the New Year. Some topics for inspiration include:

a.       Best way to stick to your financial New Year’s resolutions

b.      Top 10 best New Year’s resolutions

c.       Resolutions you should make in 2012

d.      Financial Advice for 2012

e.      Best resolutions for the passive investor

f.        Investing predictions for 2012

g.       Your own financial New Year’s resolutions for 2012

h.      Stories about prior financial resolutions you’ve had and how you achieved them

2.      Each post must be a maximum of 300 words. If the post is longer, we will trim it down for our blog, but will include a link to “read more” on your blog. We will of course run any changes by you.

3.       You must tweet and post about the carnival, tagging Betterment.

To be considered, just fill out this simple form by Friday, December 9th. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes!

As soon as we receive your form submission, we will follow up within 48 hours to schedule a date for your post and a timeline for getting everything live!


So thanks again bloggers! We are looking forward to getting the good word out for 2012 and sharing some of your awesome content! And if there are other bloggers you think might be interested in participating, please send this along!


All the Best,

The Betterment Team


P.S. Stay tuned for a custom Carnival tweet and hashtag to help everyone spread the word starting on the 15th!


Good luck everybody, and remember to post here on the date that your article goes live, as a reminder to everyone to visit and support it.


Mine is schedule for 12/21 as of this time.


6:40 am
December 7, 2011


New Member

posts 1

Hello Everyone,


Brittany from here.


I just want to say thanks to Max for his enthusiasm and getting the word out! We are all very excited about the Carnival, particularly because we value the excellent content all of you provide – and we know our readers and yours do as well.


Moreover, it is great to hear you will be supporting each other throughout the Carnival – we will be on top of the tweets and posts as well! [Stay tuned for some custom tweets and hashtags in the near future...]


I also wanted to clarify that the carnival is by NO means "invite only." As Max mentioned, we wanted everyone to pass it along to any PF bloggers that are interested – and we are really glad to see that so many of you are! While the deadline is this Friday, 12/9, we will be happy to accept submissions after :)


Please feel free to submit your ideas using the form found here: and I will get back to you with details shortly after we receive your submission.


Looking forward to working with all of you!


All the Best,



P.S. If you would like to be included in any email updates about the Carnival, feel free to email me directly at and I will make sure you're on the list!

12:11 pm
December 7, 2011



Hello everybody, I just wanted to follow up with a few more details I received.
They will launch the carnival a little bit later, so the new year will be more top of mind with readers. They are planning to kick off the blogger articles right after Christmas.
Also, since response has been so good they've actually decided to host one article per day, either everyday or every other day, depending on final volume, so your post will get full attention on its live date.
And finally, they just wanted to clarify that the article should be hosted on your blog as well the day it is hosted on Betterment, so they can link to it. Just wanted to make sure that was clear!


Thank you.

6:47 pm
December 7, 2011

Penny Pinching Professional


posts 69

I just finished my New Year's resolution post this morning, so the timing here is perfect.  I've submitted it and I'm hoping it will be picked.  I don't have a Facebook account, though, which may count against me.

6:32 pm
December 8, 2011



posts 133

Thanks for the details!

6:37 pm
December 8, 2011

The Frugal Toad


posts 587

Signed up and really looking forward to being a part of this!

The Frugal Toad

Money Saving Advice for Everyday Living

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5:48 pm
December 27, 2011



Just a reminder to everybody that the Blogging for a Better New Year series is now live and the first article is up.

10:49 am
January 2, 2012



Whoohoo, my article is live today.


Thanks to everybody that's been promoting it:…..s-for-2012


I've also been featuring other bloggers with links from my site:…..-for-2012/


If you post when your article goes live here, I'll be sure to include your link as well.


Thanks everybody.

9:18 pm
January 11, 2012

LaTisha @YoungFinances


posts 1715

My post is live today! Thanks to everyone who has been tweeting and sharing so far :)…..ent-phobes


Young Adult Finances

Most Popular Post: I Have a Confession, I Don't Have a Budget

3:18 pm
January 12, 2012

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

My post goes up tomorrow. Be sure to check in.

3:04 pm
January 13, 2012



LaTisha @YoungAdultFinances said:

My post is live today! Thanks to everyone who has been tweeting and sharing so far :)


Cool, just did some promoting and added it to my list as well.

4:39 pm
January 13, 2012



posts 133

Just promoted…. :)

6:52 am
January 16, 2012

20s Finances


posts 1147

My post just went live! Thanks for any help promoting!…..somethings



20's Finances Passive Income to Retire

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