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Beat Alexa 200K – How I Did It


8:49 pm
November 21, 2013



posts 28

Today I noticed my blog has an Alexa rank of 175,994. Today was a good day.

I have come a long way since I found Yakezie (my Alexa rank was over 550K when I decided to get in on this great site) and I wanted to share a little bit about how I managed to make my rank fall. I know most of us are here for ideas and support to help grow our own blogs. I hope I can provide at least a little insight.

When I first started trying to defeat the Yakezie challenge I had no clue what I was doing (I am still fumbling around quite a bit). Even though this site tells you specifically how to get to that under 200K Alexa rank goal I didn't really take the advice to heart. After awhile finding no success and struggling to stay motivated I just started trying different things to see if they would work. 

And they did work, at least enough to lower my rank. I started doing the following and saw results immediately:

  • Commenting on Other Related Blogs - This is the biggest thing I would recommend to anyone joining the Yakezie challenge. Not only do you get to meet all these great people who are doing the same thing you are you are actively helping others create successful blogs. Comments make a blog owner feel accomplished and provide a great motivation to keep up the hard work of posting day in and day out. Comments make posts more interesting and add new information. They also connect you to other people interested in the same things you are. These people are your customers, and commenting is a free and easy way to find your customers. Not to mention you get links back to your blog. I would say more than half of the people reading my blog come from comments I have made, and nearly all the connections I have made with others have been through comments. 
  • Share other people's posts - I usually share at least everything I comment on, and one good days I share a lot more through social networks. My favorite it Twitter because it is easy for me to share a ton. By sharing you get other people interested in returning the favor. They will start sharing your stuff and slowly but surely more people will find their way to your site. My traffic from Twitter has grown 10X and continues higher each and every day (especially on a day I share a lot of stuff). 
  • Interact with your visitors - It is a good idea to reply to nearly every comment your blog receives. People are more likely to post a comment if they know you will read it and respond. Plus this adds great content and interaction to your posts (no to mention boosts those comment numbers). People are more likely to come back and comment again if they know their work will get noticed. 
  • Update your blog - This is actually the hardest part but one of the more important aspects. You have to post good stuff for people to read. Commenting will get other bloggers to come and visit your site, but you need them to come back more than once to push that Alexa needle lower. I generally try to update my blog at least twice a week, but I feel like the minimum should be weekly. I have a full time job and go to school so I know it can be done. 
That is basically all I did and it happened. It wasn't easy and I did spend a good amount of time doing the above four things but the happiness of knowing I reached a goal is more than enough to make it worth it. 
Just thought I would share and hopefully some of you will have some good ideas to add to this list. 

Levi Blackman

5:46 am
November 22, 2013

Eliza Cross


posts 164

Thanks for sharing your tips, Levi. How long did it take you to go from 500K to 175K?

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8:02 am
November 22, 2013



posts 18

Congrats on your success! These are great tips!

Fit is the New Poor

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9:16 am
November 22, 2013



posts 139

Well done!! It's been great having you in the community.


1:53 am
November 23, 2013



posts 182

Good work wealthnote and thanks for the tips!

2:41 pm
November 23, 2013

My Personal Finance Journey


posts 3159

Great work! Seems like you've got a great strategy! 

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

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5:11 pm
November 23, 2013

FI Fighter


posts 53

Great tips and congrats on the early success!

FI Fighter (Path to Early Financial Independence)


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5:12 pm
November 23, 2013

FI Fighter


posts 53

Great tips and congrats on the early success!

FI Fighter (Path to Early Financial Independence)


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8:24 pm
November 23, 2013



posts 40

Nice tips, Levi. They are definitely key to increasing traffic to your blog and to bringing down your Alexa score.

10:37 am
November 24, 2013



posts 28

HappySimpleLiving said:

Thanks for sharing your tips, Levi. How long did it take you to go from 500K to 175K?

It took me about 2 months of serious work using the things I listed above. I started over 8 months ago but had a sort of a false start (life got in the way). It's amazing how supportive people around here are…but you must put in the work before hand. Most bloggers around here are very busy and will only give you the time of day if you are actually working hard to create something worthwhile. 

Levi Blackman

1:23 pm
November 24, 2013



posts 60

Nice! Congratulations, and thanks for the advice.

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4:26 pm
November 24, 2013

Money Counselor


posts 233

Great work Levi, you're a quick study! Best wishes for more success.

Make Better Money Decisions

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5:04 pm
November 26, 2013




posts 113

Nice Job and thanks for the tips!

5:37 am
November 27, 2013

The Frugal Toad


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Congrats and thanks for sharing Levi!

The Frugal Toad

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6:03 am
November 27, 2013



posts 617

You nailed it!  Pretty much how I did it two (or was it three) years back!  Congratulations!

5:00 pm
December 1, 2013

Lena Gott

United States


posts 252

Thanks so much for giving back and sharing with us how you achieved your goal! 

~ Lena ~

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6:43 pm
December 1, 2013



posts 69

Awesome job Levi! Those are basically the same strategies that worked for me.

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6:51 pm
December 1, 2013


Florida, USA


posts 1778

Noticed this thread after a long absence from this forum. Well done Levi and everyone else that cracked Alexa in last months or so. Keep up the good work


One Cent At A Time  (Yakezie Member Site)

Finance Product Reviews

8:02 am
December 2, 2013

Fig (Figuring Money Out)


posts 76

Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your tips! :)

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