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Getting better Alexa Ranking?


8:36 am
April 11, 2012

Finance Yoga



posts 86

Hey there gang. As I am still new to blogging all together and learning every day, I wanted to ask how to get better Alexia ranking. I know how to check my ranking via the alexia app on my toolbar, just not quite sure what to do to increase my ranking. 

From reading other posts, I am guessing that I just need to get back links to my site through blog carnivals, commenting on other's posts and getting my link on other's websites/blogs. Is there anything else? I am beginning to see my posts close to the top of google when I type in my targeted keywords but don't know if that makes a difference or not. 


Thanks in advanced, and feel free to check out my site to evaluate it. I am always open to suggestions (though I won't necessarily make every change that is suggested) that will help me better my site and myself as a blogger. I am all-in when it comes to blogging, and am willing to do anything I need to in order to succeed. 


Life Is Good!Cool

9:49 am
April 11, 2012

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

Alexa rank is solely based on visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed. If you can attract those sorts of visitors (like Yakezie members), your rank will go up. Carnivals, blog swaps, and guest posts are great places to start.

10:34 am
April 11, 2012

Finance Yoga



posts 86

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Will gaining a better alexa ranking also help my google ranking?

10:36 am
April 11, 2012

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

No, they are not related. However, some of the goodness of what you do to try to improve your Alexa may independently help you on Google.

10:06 pm
April 11, 2012

Modest Money


posts 256

What Eric says is true.  With Alexa ranking it mostly comes down to getting other bloggers to visit your blog, especially on a regular basis.  The easiest way is to regularly comment on a lot of blogs.  Of course you can give them more incentive in various ways.  Just get your name out there a lot and you'll be bound to see your alexa gradually drop.

Check out my finance blog: Modest Money 

Alexa ranking from 22M to under 70k in 3 months


Let's help each other on social media!  Twitter | Facebook | Google+

7:50 am
April 14, 2012



posts 271

I agree with everyone that the best way to drop your alexa ranking is to visit, and COMMENT on other people's blogs. I say comment in big letters because nobody will know if you visit their blog if you don't comment, visit and comment on Yakezie member's blogs, most of them will visit your site to return the favor. 

We all have the toolbar, so if you do that, then your ranking will drop!

Daisy @ When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka
Twitter: Add_vodka 

4:46 pm
April 14, 2012

ThadP @

Austin area, Texas


posts 184

I echo what Daisy said.  You have to visit and comment.  

Thad of

Husband, Dad, Family Geek, Salesforce Admin

Main Blog:  Thad Thoughts   Niche Blog:  The Geezer Gadget Guy

Twitter:  @tlpinspw and @thadthoughts

5:38 pm
April 16, 2012

Freedom 48

Ottawa, Canada


posts 59

I agree.  Visit, comments, and post regularly… and you'll see your Alexa ranking drop in no time!


Twitter: @freedom48dotnet

10:43 pm
April 16, 2012


Richfield, OH


posts 38

So I started the challenge on April 6th and have been visiting Yakezie member blogs daily and commenting since then. And my Alexa ranking has gotten higher… any other ideas to help lower it? Frown

Denise Gabbard

Blog:  Write and Get Paid!




11:00 pm
April 16, 2012




posts 1041

It will go up and down from day to day; it's the 3-month average that counts. So don't fret – watch it over weeks or months and you'll see that it's dropping! (I know that's easy for me to say when I've completed the challenge and don't really have to watch mine anymore.) 




11:09 pm
April 16, 2012

Finance Yoga



posts 86

Since I posted this question, I finally dropped below 1,000,000. When I began I was like almost 5,000,000 Alexa Ranking. Alll I have done is become hevily involved, commenting a

4:26 pm
April 17, 2012


New York


posts 846

I dropped below 200k in 45 days but there are more enjoyable things to come.…..kezie.html

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