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Giving my E-Book For Free: 3 Reason Why I am Doing It


10:47 am
May 14, 2011

The Financial Blogger


posts 429



I’ve been pretty quiet for the past month since
I was writing my first E-Book. The book is now “finished” and it is 13,500
words long! It is currently being formatted to have a sharp and easy-to-read


The name of the book is:

Dividend Investing
E-Book – How To build a Never Ending Cash Distributor


As you can guess, it will be a beginner’s guide
to dividend investing. I’ve included some basic investing information such as
how to determine your risk tolerance and build your asset allocation. I’ve also
written about my complete investment process combined with tricks and tools. At
the end of the book, you also find a step-by-step method to build a dividend
stocks portfolio with as low as $1,000 to start with. The book should be
released at the end of May and I have decided to give it away for free.  

Some people read it and they all told me I
should be able to sell a good  number of
copies. They were surprised by the content quality and expected me to sell it. To
be honest, both my partner and I tough of selling it but we finally preferred
to give it away for free.


Why not charging a
small price for a very complete and resourceful E-book?

Here are our thoughts about it:


#1 Building Authority

The very first reason why we wanted to write an
E-book was to learn the process of publishing and to build our authority as
writers. It is one thing to produce good quality post of 500 to 1,000 words but
it’s another to write a full book with a clear direction from page 1 to page


I’ve I mentioned in my online
company business goal for 2011
, I want to write 2 E-books this year.
The first one was supposed to be free in order to help us to reach as many
people as possible. The second book, which won’t be free, should sell easier as
people will be able to look at what kind of work we can produce by looking at
our first E-book.

#2 Building a Buzz

Another reason why we are offering our first
E-book for free is to create a buzz. We want to offer very good product at the
most amazing price: $0. We would like to get at least 500 downloads by December
2011. If several people can read and forward this book to their friends, this
will give us a lot of advertising. We obviously include reference to The
Dividend Guy Blog
, What is
and Intelligent Speculator in
this book. Therefore, the more people reading it, the more chances we have to
build a strong readership for our investment related website.

#3 Covering our Costs through
Affiliate Marketing

When you are covering any investment topics,
there are a lot of affiliate products you can offer. The book includes a
step-by-step method to build a dividend stock portfolio. Therefore, there are
mentions of tools, services and products to use in order to start investing. We
have taken the decision to promote products that we use or know very well. So
if people can use a few of those resources through the links included in the
E-Book, we should be able to cover our costs.

Final Thoughts

We are now about 2 weeks prior to the launch
date and there is a part of me that still want to sell the E-book. Making money
is always a great feeling especially when you have put so much effort into
something. However, I think that we will make much more money indirectly over
the long term with our strategy.


What do you think? Would you sell your first
E-book or give it for free?


I’ll let you know when the book is live so you
can have a take a look at it!







12:07 pm
May 14, 2011



posts 812

I'm looking forward to reading it and sending it along to my grown children!  Congratulations on completing!


6:30 am
May 15, 2011



posts 1298

Great thoughts Mike, and I agree with you 100%! I recently finished an eBook as well, and I offer it for free (for all of the reasons you gave above). It has really spiked my subscriber numbers this month (from 70 to 135 in 15 days), and my visitor numbers have never been so consistent!


I plan on writing another eBook, which I will sell for a set fee, but I will always have a free one on my site.

Derek @ Life And My Finances 




9:51 am
May 15, 2011

My Personal Finance Journey


posts 3159

What a great accomplishment finishing your ebook! Way to go! I think offering it for free is a good idea, and having the ability to add affiliate links in it will hopefully help offset the cost.

I don't have much experience with eBooks, so I was curious about the response of people buying an eBook. I think that personally, if I were looking to purchase a book about dividend investing, my first impulse would be to go to amazon and buy a cheap hard copy book.

One of my goals for this year is to write an eBook as well, so I'm curious what the general public's perception is of paying for one…Thanks!


Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

Visit me at My Personal Finance Journey

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10:50 am
May 15, 2011



posts 986

I'm looking forward to reading your ebook.


Maybe you can offer it free for a short period of time, then charge? I guess it depends on your goals – whether or not you really want to make money directly from it, or should it create buzz for your site(s)?


Member Site: Squirrelers

Challenger Site: Tie the Money Knot


10:52 am
May 15, 2011



posts 723

I definitely think that giving away an ebook makes far more sense than selling it.


To sell an ebook requires that you examine the market for your solution, test cost, sales copy, etc., and spend countless hours on what is now effectively a side-business.  On the other hand, giving it away means you need to spend far less on all of the above, and make potentially more money in having people come back to your site to comment, share your new articles with friends, etc.


I've purchased only a few reports and ebooks online, and only after carefully evaluating the various options/recommendations for each.  Having purchased them, I'm fairly convinced that the information available for free was just as good, if not better than the average paid ebook.  

JT McGee – MoneyMamba


Twitter: @JT_McGee

Recent Post: Are We Halfway Through Our Lost Decade? (4 Charts Inside)

12:22 pm
May 15, 2011

Buy Like Buffett


posts 1682

I would give it away for free. I gave my first ebook away for free and then sold the second one. I think giving away an ebook helps people to build trust with the readershi




Learn how to build wealth at Buy Like Buffett.

Learn about making money online at Mark Riddix dot com

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9:36 am
May 16, 2011

Khaleef @ KNS Financial

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet


posts 3149

I plan to give away my first e-book as well (I still hope to finish it by the end of the year or Spring).

Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley

My Battle to Lose 100lbs and Pay off $100k in Debt:…..innywallet

Personal Finance From A Biblical Perspective:

11:08 am
May 16, 2011



posts 1012

I am excited to check out your eBook!  I have never bought an ebook and I am likely not to ever buy one.  99% of them are SHIT (How many ebooks have you read that are just regurgitated shitty blog posts?), but the problem is you don't know until you already paid. 


Maybe you get away from the problem by doing the first free and then charging for the second? Like Mark mentioned. 

2:45 pm
May 16, 2011

The Financial Blogger


posts 429

MyJourneytoMillions said:

I am excited to check out your eBook!  I have never bought an ebook and I am likely not to ever buy one.  99% of them are SHIT (How many ebooks have you read that are just regurgitated shitty blog posts?), but the problem is you don't know until you already paid. 


Maybe you get away from the problem by doing the first free and then charging for the second? Like Mark mentioned. 

Can I use your line : "regurgitated shitty blog posts" when I build my sales pages for my second book? ;-)

5:30 pm
May 16, 2011

Invest It Wisely


posts 2019

Good luck, Mike! I think the others made a compelling case for free: think of it as a way to build your brand and that's where the value comes from.

7:47 pm
May 17, 2011

Hunter @financiallyc

Virginia Beach


posts 707

Give it away! It will definitely create a buzz. I think your reasoning is sound. Can't wait to hear how it is received…I'm looking forward to reading it. Hunter.

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