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I have joined the challenge – perhaps a little too early though :D


9:31 am
February 16, 2012



posts 45

@retireby40 – The encouragement has already given me determination! Thanks

PS – Your 'Go It Alone' post is very well written. Really makes you think!

The Savvy Scot

I am the start of a difference. Out to break boundaries, stereotypes and states of mind

10:26 am
February 16, 2012

Watson Inc


posts 371

Great to have you aboard Scot. Welcome!

Visit Me: Watson Inc

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10:28 am
February 16, 2012

LaTisha @YoungFinances


posts 1715

Welcome to the challenge! Feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure about anything.


Young Adult Finances

Most Popular Post: I Have a Confession, I Don't Have a Budget

11:01 am
February 16, 2012

John @ Married with Debt



posts 239

Welcome to the Challenge!

All this talk about your theme is weird for me because when I joined the Challenge in early January I had the exact same theme. We must have similar personalities if we were both drawn to it.

I changed mine shortly after joining because it was pretty tough to make minor tweaks to the CSS stylesheet and if you moved one element, it messed up another. I just couldn't get it perfect so I gave up.

I found the one I'm using now by Googling "best minimalist wordpress templates" or something like that. After reading a bunch of stuff on Social Triggers about optimizing layout, simplicity, fewer choices, I made the plunge.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way.  

Helping married couples pay off debt and build the life they want…together.

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11:02 am
February 16, 2012



posts 41

I joined the challenge 3-4 days after starting my blog, so I don't think you're early…relatively speaking.  Welcome to the challenge!

Jake @ I Am 1 Percent

Twitter [ @iam1percentblog ]

Facebook [ iam1percent ]

11:14 am
February 16, 2012

Invest It Wisely


posts 2019

Haha, I was probably in the millions when I joined as well. Welcome to the challenge! Interesting rough theme on the site too — it's kind of neat.

11:14 am
February 16, 2012

Invest It Wisely


posts 2019

And did you customize the share bar to the theme? It looks great and fits in well.

12:29 pm
February 16, 2012



posts 345

Welcome to the challenge Scot. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. Best of luck

Name: Hunter (aka A. Blinkin)

website: Funancials (

twitter: @funancials


4:55 pm
February 16, 2012

Khaleef @ KNS Financial

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet


posts 3149

Welcome to the challenge. I like the look of your blog…I just left a comment.

Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley

My Battle to Lose 100lbs and Pay off $100k in Debt:…..innywallet

Personal Finance From A Biblical Perspective:

5:47 pm
February 16, 2012


Florida, USA


posts 1778

Welcome Scot


One Cent At A Time  (Yakezie Member Site)

Finance Product Reviews

1:28 am
February 18, 2012



posts 45

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I have already dropped 5 million places! Crazy!

Really like this online community as well. Thanks for all the comments too, feels really good to have some discussion going on!

Have a nice weekend all :)

The Savvy Scot

I am the start of a difference. Out to break boundaries, stereotypes and states of mind

4:28 am
February 18, 2012

The Frugal Toad


posts 587

Welcome to the Challenge!  It's great that you are getting involved with Yakezie from the start, that's what I did and it was the best move as a blogger I could have made.  Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of help.

The Frugal Toad

Money Saving Advice for Everyday Living

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4:39 am
February 18, 2012


New York


posts 846

Welcome Savvy Scot. I am Sleepless Jai (I have 2 kids). First off nobody is laughing that your AR is 9 million. That's not the kind of place this is. Second just jump right in and write from the heart. Congrats on joining and I will come by to visit your site now. 


If you have any questions feel free to ask if it's not on the forum already.

12:25 pm
February 18, 2012




posts 277

Hi Scott, welcome to the challenge. I have also just recently took it up. Just had a look at your blog and I really like you post about the car accident. Keep up the good work!

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12:31 pm
February 18, 2012


Manchester, UK


posts 679

Welcome Savvy Scott and well done for joining. You have a nice site and it will move fast. There is no uch thing as too early, btw; people can always break boundaries and learn. Give me a shout if you need some UK blogger care.


1:21 pm
February 18, 2012

Mark D. Cook

East Sparta, Ohio


posts 87

Welcome! I am a challenger as well. 

Professional Trader & Investor, Amateur Blogger  


Twitter:  @CookInvestments 

5:58 am
February 20, 2012

Smart Wealth



posts 304

welcome to the challenge!

Evan @

"Right before you do something stupid, do the opposite!"

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5:59 am
February 20, 2012



posts 1456

savvyscot said:

Thanks @MoneyIsTheRoot – I am thinking of how I can make it look more professional. Are there any customisable templates you can suggest?

There are so many, what you have is fine right now!  I would just start churning out the quality content, and wait on changing anything…it looks great!

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Money Is The Root

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Smart Wealth

2:21 pm
February 23, 2012



posts 45

Hey everyone.

All the support has been great so far. I have switched the blog to a more minimalist-type template – what are everyone's thoughts?

I am down to 2.25 million on the ranking!! I am happy with the progress so far and people are starting to get involved in some discussion which excites me.

Can anyone give some idea of what is 'fair' and 'good' visitors per day? I have been blogging for just over a month and have an average of 35 unique visitors per day – thoughts?



The Savvy Scot

I am the start of a difference. Out to break boundaries, stereotypes and states of mind

3:14 pm
February 23, 2012



posts 75

Welcome to the challenge! I was overwhelmed when I first joined in late November, but quickly became followers of other blogs and joined a team, and now I feel pretty well entrenched! And my alexa rating has gone down from 1,000,000+ to under 100K : )

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