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Just finished my first month of blogging


10:13 pm
June 4, 2013



posts 139

Hi everyone,

I'm a brand new member! I just heard about the Yakezie forum through another personal finance blogger, and thought I would join in the conversation.

Today marked my first month anniversary of blogging about student loans, credit card debt, and making extra money while in graduate school.

I started my site on May 4th, 2013, as the dusk days of the spring semester wrapped up. Over the course of this first month there were over 8000+ visitors. People checked out the site from a variety of countries: Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia (to name a few). Nearly 12,000 pageviews were recognized, which suggests that some visitor looked at other pages. About 85 percent of visitors are new.

Blogging: Google Analytics

From being the sole visitor to 8,000, it’s been clear that what most people tend to appreciate are long, informative posts that provide a unique spin on a contentious or common issue. For the next couple months, I aim to diversify the audience, deepen the quality of articles, and propose some new perspectives to tackling the debt (car, credit, or student loans) while becoming a frugal person.

As a new member of the community, I'm eager to hear what you did after your first month to build traffic and where I should go from here. It's a bit daunting thinking about how to promote the site and build a market.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


1:06 pm
June 7, 2013



posts 69

Wow, that's very impressive.  It's been 3 months for me and I'm only at about 900 visitors total.  What am I doing wrong here?  or what are you doing right there?

Where do you get the pageview stats?  I use site stat and it seems to only give me number of visitors.

Are you doing specific keyword research when you write your post.

8000 visitors your first month is very impressive.  Will be checking out your blog.


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2:35 pm
June 7, 2013



posts 139

Hey Peter,

Thanks for your response.

A couple things… 

I highly recommend using to share your articles to related subreddits. But, be careful that you don't submit too often. I was submitting everything and people recognized it as "blogspam." Not my intention, but it happened. So, if you have a big article you think people should read, share it with Reddit!

As for analytics, I highly recommend Google Analytics. It's free, too!

Thanks for checking out the blog.

All the best,


3:32 pm
June 7, 2013


Lehi, UT


posts 184

I agree with Peter, those numbers are insane! I'm 4 months in and I just barely crossed 10,000!

3:34 pm
June 7, 2013


Lehi, UT


posts 184

Also, I've had a lot of good luck with reddit as well. Any particular subreddits that you are having particular success with?

3:58 pm
June 7, 2013

Anton Ivanov

San Diego, CA


posts 129

Sam, I think you're doing great. I've been writing on my financial blog for about a month and a half and my numbers are nowhere near as good as yours. I've been looking to share my content on Reddit as well, although just haven't had the time recently.


Keep up the great work and I'm sure you'll get to the top in no time.

10:40 pm
June 7, 2013




posts 51

Hey Sam,

I'm new to the whole subreddit thing. If you wouldn't mind sharing which ones your using or what your posting tactics are. There doesn't seem to be many that are open for self promotion except maybe the anythinggoesblog. Any help would be much appreciated!

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