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Looking For Others To Collaborate With


5:50 am
December 3, 2011



posts 25

I've been reading on the forums here for a while and I think it's a great community. It's refreshing to find a place where fellow bloggers are welcomed, encouraged, and helpful.

For my part, I've been blogging a short time. It's a different from any other endeavor I've tried which makes it exciting as well as frustrating sometimes. It requires discipline. But, I am emboldened by the idea that I have found a means to share and talk about topics that I live and research every day.

My site is about investing. Specifically, investing for people who generally have their finances in order (debt under control, saving money) and perhaps have at least a few years of working and investing. People who are doing most things right but want real world advice on how to setup their nest egg in this crazy world. 

I want to reach out to the Yakezie community to find like minded bloggers. There are great sites that I haven't discovered yet. If you think your site relates to mine let me know I want to read it, reach out to me or reply to this post. Perhaps we can work together?





Six Figure Investing

My Blog:


6:45 am
December 3, 2011



posts 103

I'd love to collaborate, but my niche is far, far from investing.

Husband. Dad. Money Nerd.

My Site: Smart Family Finance

My Email: smartfamilyfinance at gmail dot com

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8:31 am
December 3, 2011

Sustainable PF


posts 2759

Post edited 8:31 am – December 3, 2011 by Sustainable PF

Beating the Index, Buy Like Buffet, Invest it Wisely, Investor Junkie, Doctor Stock come to mind when discussing investing.

I suggest you reach out to them yourself.  As a new challenger this is likely your best bet to get a response.

Visit us at Sustainable Personal Finance

Or Earth and Money

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8:51 am
December 3, 2011

My Personal Finance Journey


posts 3159

Welcome to the forums SixFigure. On my site, I focus quite a bit on long term investing – with a particular focus on passive investing using index funds/etfs instead of selecting individual stocks. 

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

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5:52 am
December 4, 2011



posts 617

Welcome sixfigure!  I'm glad you took the time to introduce yourself.  There are a number of bloggers who focus on investing.  I write on PF but with an emphasis on investing.


I like your posts!  Added your blog to my reader list.  And hey, a quick tip: add your blog link to your signature.  Makes it a lot easier to find your blog. 


Welcome aboard!

10:12 am
December 4, 2011

LaTisha @YoungFinances


posts 1715


I often post on investing for the before/during/after college crowd.


Young Adult Finances

Most Popular Post: I Have a Confession, I Don't Have a Budget

10:20 am
December 4, 2011



posts 25

Thanks MoneyCone, Jacob and others I will check out your sites. I added a signature.


Six Figure Investing

My Blog:


1:11 pm
December 4, 2011

101 Centavos


posts 216

Welcome to the Yakezie challenge, Six-Figure.

1:47 pm
December 4, 2011

Watson Inc


posts 371

Welcome to the challenge Six Figure!!!

Visit Me: Watson Inc

Follow Me On Twitter: @roshawnwatson


2:30 pm
December 4, 2011

Hank Coleman

North Carolina


posts 363

Welcome to the Yakezie challenge, Six-Figure.

3:34 pm
December 4, 2011



posts 1456

Excellent site Six Figure!

Member Blog:

Money Is The Root

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Challenger Blogs:

Smart Wealth

4:33 pm
December 4, 2011


Florida, USA


posts 1778

Welcome six figure! We all are like minded. Want to earn six figures or six figures more. Some of us started from in debt to earn six figures and some who already earns six figures and want to double that. 

So you in to stocks and bonds? Whats the best bet now? 


One Cent At A Time  (Yakezie Member Site)

Finance Product Reviews

8:50 am
December 5, 2011

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

Welcome aboard! I discuss investing sometimes, but I am not quite as focused on that topic as you. I like your site's style so far. Keep it up and be in touch if you ever need anything.

12:14 pm
December 5, 2011

Doctor Stock


posts 293

Haha… I was just coming on to do a similar thread… but I found this one… I'd be very happy to work together with you. I'm a successful investor in the stock market… and now I'm developing my web skills… which I find far more difficult. I'd be happy to work with anyone who shares this passion! 


Shoot me an email… I'd love to hear from you all!

~ Doctor Stock of &

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12:18 pm
December 5, 2011



posts 910

Welcome to the challenge! Take a look around, you will find A LOT if useful info on these forums.

Creator of:

12:36 pm
December 5, 2011




posts 1381

Welcome to the challenge! Most sites cover a wide ranging topic, but I'm sure you'll find some that are focus on investing.

retire by 40

Twitter: @retirebyforty

Facebook: Retire By 40 

2:01 pm
December 5, 2011



posts 25

Thanks everyone!

Onecent, to your question, I don't have to tell you that there is a lot of investing fear out there. E.g., German shorter term bonds recently traded at a negative yield! That's fear.

Right now stocks look more attractive than bonds, particularly Treasuries.

Six Figure Investing

My Blog:


9:29 pm
December 5, 2011

Barbara Friedberg


posts 1302

Welcome. I just stopped by and I like your site. I focus on basic personal finance, smart money solutions, and wealth building through investing. Shameless promotion: I have a free eBook, 20 Minute Guide to Investing, geared for newbies. It's included with the subscription to my wealth tips newsletter.

9:02 pm
December 7, 2011

Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter


posts 2213

Sustainable PF said:

Beating the Index, Buy Like Buffet, Invest it Wisely, Investor Junkie, Doctor Stock come to mind when discussing investing.

I suggest you reach out to them yourself.  As a new challenger this is likely your best bet to get a response.

Agreed. Welcome to the challenge. Best of luck and email me if you need help with anything.

Miss T

"Helping you save money, go green, and have fun"

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