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Now Accepting "Personal Finance Collective" Submissions


2:06 pm
January 18, 2012

Dave @ DebtBlackHole



posts 77

Post edited 2:07 pm – January 18, 2012 by Dave @ DebtBlackHole

I've seen several other PF sites offering their own "carnivals" & "roundups" – so I thought I'd add a unique one to the mix.


My site- Debt Black Hole- is a place where Personal Finance & Geek Culture Collide. So I've decided to use my "Personal Finance Collective" (for non Star Trek fans, this is reference to the BORG- basically cyborgs- who "share" a collective hive mind) series of posts as an outlet for Yakezie members/challengers to promote some of your more unique & "out there" articles.


I'm looking for any Personal Finance posts you've written with GEEK or NERD references or themes- such as movies, TV shows, books, comic books, graphic novels or other media…as well as posts about Sci-Fi, Science, Space, Fantasy, Adventure, Superheroes, the Supernatural, Video Games, etc.


I don't care if the articles are a day old or 5 years old- all GEEKY content is welcome. I also don't mind if you've featured the post elsewhere. I'm looking for specific content, rather than exclusivity. Even if you simply used a GEEKY picture for your post- that's cool, too!


So look through your archives, dust off your best GEEK or NERD themed stuff & submit it to me. Here's the link to the submission form (it's very similar to the Yakezie Carnival form to make it easy on everyone).


Can't wait to read your submissions!

5:55 am
January 19, 2012



posts 664

Here you go:…..ft-stores/

(And I still love my R2D2)

MoneyCrush (Member Blog) • @moneycrush • Facebook

5:58 am
January 19, 2012

Dave @ DebtBlackHole



posts 77

Jackie said:

Here you go:…..ft-stores/

(And I still love my R2D2)

Perfect! Exactly what I'm looking for. Of course, now I want my own R2… ;)

2:42 pm
January 24, 2012

Dave @ DebtBlackHole



posts 77

I've received a few GREAT archived posts from members/challengers to add to my next PF Collective. If you have any good GEEK-themed posts in your archives- submit them now!


Also, if you know you have one or two, but can't remember what (or when) it was- just post below & I'll do some searching for you. I want to make this as easy as possible for you.


Thanks to those who've submitted already!

6:34 pm
January 24, 2012



posts 103

Whoa! You've really opened my eyes to something I'm lacking at my site. I doubt any of my posts have the geekatude to qualify and I am ashamed. I'm going to get something to drink to cheer myself up…

"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot!"

Husband. Dad. Money Nerd.

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5:32 am
January 25, 2012

Dave @ DebtBlackHole



posts 77

Earl Grey is nice. Even Starbucks has a decent blend (& I'm not a Starbucks fan).


I've always wanted to try Klingon Bloodwine, Romulan Ale, Andorian Ale or Vulcan Brandy.


Let me know when your inner-Nerd comes up with a good post!

8:42 am
January 26, 2012

Dr. Jason Cabler

Hendersonville/Nashville, TN


posts 68

Here's a good one for you, "Pawn Stars and Short Term Thinking"

7:13 am
January 27, 2012

Frugal Confessions

Houston, TX


posts 1622

Cool idea! Thank you for the opportunity for us to all to give our geek posts the light of day:).


Finances of the Undead: Why You Will Never See a Zombie Banker

Amanda L Grossman

Frugal Confessions

Frugal Confessions @ the Houston Chronicle


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