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Thriftability (finally) accepts the Yakezie Challenge!


4:59 pm
September 6, 2011

Lisa @ Thriftability

Southern California, USA


posts 46


I can't take it anymore. I'm Lisa – I blog at Thriftability, and I accept the Yakezie Challenge!


After months of pouring over the forums and getting great ideas, I got my site up and running. I wanted to wait until I "have more content, have a bigger readership, have more time"… but if I keep waiting, it will never happen. It was actually Matt @ Matt's Money Blog, with his 'Happy One Month' blog post than pushed me over the edge. My own PF blog, Thriftability, is coming up on one month as well.


I'm coming into the Challenge with an Alexa of 2,058,980. I edit and blog across several other PF / frugal living sites as a career, and I usually have to put the work ahead of my own blogs. But in my quest to work for myself and not "for the man" I will have to make the time to move Thriftability forward. A BIG THANKS to Sam @ Financial Samurai and all of the PF bloggers who spend countless hours helping others on the Yakezie forums, and to Crystal of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff for being a terrific role model (whether she knows it or not) and motivator.

Be sure to check out my how's and why's of growing my blog with the Yakezie Challenge on Thriftability!







Lisa Weber, aka Ms. Thriftability

Connect with me: Facebook  Linked In  Google+

Twitter: @Thriftability  |  Thriftability on Pinterest

5:19 pm
September 6, 2011

LaTisha @YoungFinances


posts 1715

Welcome! Just connected with you socially and bookmarked!


Young Adult Finances

Most Popular Post: I Have a Confession, I Don't Have a Budget

5:21 pm
September 6, 2011



posts 812

Welcome to the challenge Lisa.


5:28 pm
September 6, 2011

Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter


posts 2213

Welcome Lisa. Best of luck. If you need help with anything just fire me an email.

Miss T

"Helping you save money, go green, and have fun"

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Email me at prairieecothrifter[at]gmail[dot]com

5:36 pm
September 6, 2011

Suba @ Wealth Informatics


posts 1876

Welcome to the challenge Lisa. If there is anything I can help with, drop me a line.


Visit me @ Wealth Informatics Financial freedom through information

Connect with me via Facebook Wealth Informatics page

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Have a comment or want to say hello – wealth [dot] Informatics [at] gmail [dot] com

Editor @ Broke Professionals

5:49 pm
September 6, 2011



posts 345

lisa, welcome. That 2million figure will drop quickly. Best of luck to you.

Name: Hunter (aka A. Blinkin)

website: Funancials (

twitter: @funancials


5:58 pm
September 6, 2011


Florida, USA


posts 1778

That was a sentimental pitch. I bet you were around in the forum for a bit before posting your intro. All the best 


One Cent At A Time  (Yakezie Member Site)

Finance Product Reviews

7:28 pm
September 6, 2011



posts 909

Welcome aboard.

krantcents  – Making Sense of Money


Fan Page:

Follow me onTwitter:  @krantcents

RSS feed: krantcents

7:29 pm
September 6, 2011

The College Investor

San Diego, CA


posts 1935

Welcome to the challenge!  Don't be a wall flower going forward!

Please check out The College Investor at!  This is the home of my Investing 101 Class.

Ready to Take Your Blog To The Next Level:

You can also follow on Twitter @CollegeInvestin or Facebook at…..geinvestor!

7:40 pm
September 6, 2011

Sustainable PF


posts 2759

Welcome.  Love the site name.

Visit us at Sustainable Personal Finance

Or Earth and Money

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and RSS!

7:41 pm
September 6, 2011




posts 50

Lisa @ Thriftability said:

I can't take it anymore. I'm Lisa – I blog at Thriftability, and I accept the Yakezie Challenge!


 Lisa, glad my little 'ole blog could help push you over the edge. Hope you packed a parachute! I know you'll do well, and as you can tell from all the great people here, don't hesitate to ask if you ever need anything.

Matt's Money Blog –>

Come "Like" the Blog on Facebook!

Twitter –>

7:44 pm
September 6, 2011

Hunter @financiallyc

Virginia Beach


posts 707

Welcome Lisa. I think your blog name and logo are awesome, and have a loads of potential. Thank you for the Facebook Share today!

8:28 pm
September 6, 2011



posts 133

Welcome Lisa.  Great intro. :)  

8:44 pm
September 6, 2011

Lisa @ Thriftability

Southern California, USA


posts 46

WorldofFinance said:

Welcome Lisa.  Great intro. :)  


Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

Lisa Weber, aka Ms. Thriftability

Connect with me: Facebook  Linked In  Google+

Twitter: @Thriftability  |  Thriftability on Pinterest

8:52 pm
September 6, 2011



posts 986

Welcome, Lisa! Best of luck with the challenge, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. By the way, I like the name of your blog. Thriftability has a nice, concise feel to it.


Member Site: Squirrelers

Challenger Site: Tie the Money Knot


9:22 pm
September 6, 2011




posts 1041

Welcome, Lisa! Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!




9:41 pm
September 6, 2011

The Frugal Toad


posts 587

Welcome to the Challenge Lisa! 


Will visit your site soon!

The Frugal Toad

Money Saving Advice for Everyday Living

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Bloggers Classifieds – Advertise or Find Blogging Services for Free

3:39 am
September 7, 2011

Cents To Save


posts 435

Welcome Lisa! where "Saving Money is Enjoyable"! (Yakezie Member Site)

Facebook  CentToSave "Like Me" ;-)

Twitter CentsToSave

Email me at:

Happy Girl Collectibles (Challenger Site)

Facebook Happy Girl Collectibles

Twitter AHappiGirl

Email me at:

3:41 am
September 7, 2011



posts 1298

Welcome Lisa! It's definitely a good idea to start the challenge sooner rather than later! Glad to have you!

Derek @ Life And My Finances 




5:27 am
September 7, 2011

Aaron Hung


posts 254

Welcome to the challenge Lisa:D hmmm maybe it's my company but my work computer says I can't access your site cuz of pornagraphy? weird

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