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What happened to the forums? Why are they so dead?

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5:33 pm
August 14, 2015

Mr. Utopia


posts 55

I've been away from the blogging world for a while and thought I'd check out the latest and greatest from Yakezie and the forums. I'm surprised to see how dead it is. Only 2 topics with the "Last Post" in August? Only 3 in July?


I know it's summer and all, but where is everyone? It used to be a little more lively. Is something wrong with how my computer is viewing the forums?

10:25 am
August 16, 2015



posts 99

I've been wondering about that too.  I make it a habit to stop by once a week or so to see what's happening, and it's been kinda dead this summer.  I don't think there's anything wrong with your computer :-)

8:35 pm
August 16, 2015

Mr. Utopia


posts 55

I went a bit further back and it looks like this topic came up last fall too:…..hese-days/


Many folks thought there were just natural ebbs and flows in forum activity and, if that's the case, it's really ebbing now. That's a bummer too. I am just getting back into the swing of things with my site after a (really long) break. In a way, I am kind of back at ground zero and was looking forward to lean on the forum and members as I try to gain some momentum.Frown

6:28 pm
August 18, 2015


Florida, USA


posts 1778

The day Matt cuts said blogging networks were bad, I guess that day Yakezie lost its significance for many. Just my guess that is.


I do stop by every now and then for interesting topics. It was much more than blogging networks once. But sad its on a life support. Still this can be a good forum for interchanging ideas, seeking advice. getting to know each others, etc.


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7:39 am
August 19, 2015

Mr. Utopia


posts 55

OneCentAtatime said:

The day Matt cuts said blogging networks were bad, I guess that day Yakezie lost its significance for many. Just my guess that is.


I must've missed that announcement. Surely Cutts was meaning spammy type blog networks, not "professional" ones like Yakezie, right?

4:46 am
August 24, 2015

Michael @ The Student Loan Sherpa

Indianapolis, Indiana


posts 71

Even if "blog networks" are a bad thing… a forum for bloggers to exchange ideas and learn has to be a good thing.


I know that my site is better because of suggestions that I have received here.  It is really a bummer that things have gotten so stale here.  I haven't found any other blogger community to fill the void left by yakezie.

Michael – The Student Loan Sherpa

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8:12 pm
August 24, 2015

Mr. Utopia


posts 55

I agree, Michael. I'm still scratching my head a bit. Google and Matt Cutts coming out against suspicious blog networks and spammy guest posting does not seem like it would be enough to decimate a site/network like Yakezie. Seems like something else going on…even if many of the established bloggers are too busy to drop by these days you'd think there would still be quite a few journeymen and newbies around.

It feels like I've stumbled upon the Lost Colony of Roanoke!

7:14 pm
August 26, 2015


New Jersey


posts 4

Well as one of the aforementioned newbies, I definitely check in every few days, but I've been a little disappointed that there isn't more activity. I'll keep coming back though, as I'm don't want to miss any opportunities to learn.

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7:08 am
August 31, 2015



posts 1456

It is amazing how dead it is in here now…compared to what it used to be. I still check in every so often but I dont see many new and interesting posts anymore.


Perhaps someone, or Sam, should start up a new refreshed community to stoke the fires a bit.

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