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What Made You Move From Blogger to WordPress?


5:39 pm
August 23, 2012

Dividend Ninja

Vancouver B.C.


posts 198

Hi Everyone,


I'm looking for people who have used Blogger, and now use self-hosted WordPress. I have personally never used Blogger so I have no idea why it's easier than WordPress.


What I'm planning to do is write a post (and ongoing newlsetter email) on the Web Ninja about the reasons why one should choose self-hosted WordPress over Blogger. For those who have used Blogger and then migrated to WordPress I would really like to know why. What advantages did you discover after moving to WordPress (if any) from Blogger (or not). 


This will be an interview style post, and I'l provide your quote in the post, with your name, blog and link in return. Just drop me an email if it interestes you.



No rush here with FinCon coming up in a couple of weeks. See everyone then. ;)

The Dividend Ninja

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7:18 pm
August 23, 2012

Edward Antrobus

Fort Collins, CO


posts 1008

I'm sending you a more in-depth response via email, but the short answer is that Blogger is plug-n-play. You don't need to know anything about anything at all. Themes are a lot easier to choose and to modify (visual theme editor!), widgets are better organized. You just sign up and, bam! you're blogging.

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8:15 pm
August 23, 2012

Dividend Ninja

Vancouver B.C.


posts 198

Thanks Edward, I got your email as well! :)

The Dividend Ninja

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9:25 pm
August 23, 2012


North Dakota, USA


posts 860

I spent less than a month on blogger before migrating over to  For me, the biggest thing that convinced me to move was a matter of control.  While you still maintain some semblance of ownership over your content with blogger, there are limitations to what you can and can't do, how things appear, and the way that people interact with the site.  I quickly decided that I didn't want to design and operate on the whims of Google.  Now, I'm so familiar with wordpress, I can't imagine using anything different.

4:34 am
August 24, 2012

John B


posts 23

I will send you my response by email however for me the biggest thing is the plug ins that help you get additional functionality which you just cannot get via Blogger. Plus there have been instances where blogger blogs were deleted by the blogger team which scared me. I had one site on it which was treated as spam even though it was not. Enough to get me on to wordpress.

Blog :

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7:54 am
August 24, 2012

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

Ownership, control, and expandability (plugins, themes)

9:36 am
August 24, 2012

Dividend Ninja

Vancouver B.C.


posts 198

Thanx everyone appreciated! Wink

The Dividend Ninja

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9:35 am
August 30, 2012



posts 812

I was on Blogger for a long time and liked it.

What made me leave was the fear of Google taking the blog down.  I'm on WP now.

I had a bunch of trouble with the conversion, but I think most of it was caused by some kind of issue Host Gator was having at the time (or maybe it was my PCs causing the issue).


11:11 am
September 3, 2012



posts 13

How hard is it to convert from Blogger to WordPress? 

3:57 pm
September 6, 2012

The College Investor

San Diego, CA


posts 1935

DebtKiller said:

How hard is it to convert from Blogger to WordPress? 

It's not very hard at all, and there are several people under Blogger Services (top right) that can do it for you.

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