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Blogger to Wordpress conversion problems (among my many other problems!!)


1:12 pm
March 27, 2012



posts 812

I've had two weeks from hell this month…. broke my little toe, my laptop motherboard crashed and burned, my desktop got a boot kit virus that took a week to get cleaned out (and I still don't have a dvd drive or wireless!).


Now I am having issues with Hostgator not loading my sites every other day.Yell


Anyway, I was in the middle of converting from blogger to wordpress when all of the above happened.  I have had my blogger blog pointed to a hostgator subdomain for the past year.  As part of the conversion, I pointed it back to – so that is where it is if you haven't found it recently.


My problem (in addition to Hostgator not loading) is that the Wordpress blogger import plugin is timing out.  This is the one in Tools, import that goes to your blogger blog and gets all of your posts.  I keep getting a connection timeout when it is trying to get back to my hostgator subdomain to pull in the posts.  Host Gator live chat has been absolutely no help – "we don't work on wordpress"  "this is a google problem"…..


I have 3 subdomains set up under familymoneyvalues – two for testing the conversion.  I initially was successful in using the import tool on my first test to a test subdomain but have been getting the time outs ever since.


Any suggestions?  Do I have too many instances of wordpress in one domain?  Has the plugin changed?  Have any of you used it recently?


I searched the forums on blogger and wordpress and didn't see anything on this one….


1:25 pm
March 27, 2012

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

How many posts did you have in the blogspot domain? Super big blogs could cause a timeout. Also, I don't think it is a Hostgator problem, I use them and did a conversion without any issues. Each subdomain is independent and you can't easily flip things back and forth, so that shouldn't be an issue.

It sounds like you have something really complicated going on. If you have blogger redirecting, Wordpress will not be able to grab your old content. You should turn off all of the redirects when you do the import.

5:15 pm
March 27, 2012




posts 1041

This may be a dumb question, but are you signed into your Blogger account when you're trying to import? I just did a conversion for someone where I ran into a similar problem – turned out she had a separate Google account for her blog, and her personal account was signed in. Once we got that switched, it imported with no problem.




11:21 am
March 28, 2012



posts 812

Thanks for your input.


I did not have any re-directs (either in blogger or on HostGator) when I tried the conversion.

Yes I was signed in to my blog account.


I even get connection error (and my internet connection is just fine) when I try to upload an image for the header in the Twenty Eleven 1.3 theme that comes with the new install of wordpress.  If it was blogger, that wouldn't happen.


Any thoughts on where I should look in Host Gator for things gone awry would be great.

I've tried and failed multiple times.  I have uninstalled wordpress, removed the subdomain using cPanel and then created it again and re-installed wordpress – multiple times.  Could all of that caused something to get messed up?


Are you guys sure wordpress is better than blogger??? I never had any trouble with it.


11:52 am
March 28, 2012

Suba @ Wealth Informatics


posts 1876

Post edited 12:00 pm – March 28, 2012 by Suba @ Wealth Informatics

Marie, sometimes the import is a breeze but in some cases it really is a pain. Sorry you are having so many problems.


Can you ask the hostgator folks to reset you account (just to make sure there are no ghost wordpress installs, as they are expensive) and just start from the scratch?

Some other things to try

1) Don't install wordpress via fantastico. The updates are not stable via fantastico. Do it the old fashioned way by ftping or uploading the wordpress install manually.

2) Are you using the "new blogger"? The import doesn't work with the old blogger.

3) You would have downloaded the blogger blog. Some times if you are moving after a couple of years with posts and comments, it might time out.  The downloaded file is an xml file. So you can open it in a text editor and keep the structure (all the headers and closing tags), but just keep one post and see if it imports fine. If it does, then you have to manually split the files into multiple chunks and upload them one at a time.

4) Convert the blogger file to wordpress file outside of the import plugin. You can do that here

Install wordpress and then import the wxr file. Sometimes that works better than blogger2wordpress plugin. This way you don't have to connect to blogger and authenticate.

5) If nothing works, try creating a blog, import from blogger (much stable and a beefy hosting), then export the wordpress blog, import it to wordpress. Time consuming, but sometimes necessary.

I am fighting with a conversion myself. How much ever I try the labels won't import. DO NOT change any url structure unless you are perfectly sure everything is as you imagined. 

Hope you get it transferred fine. Once you move to wordpress, you will start liking it. 

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Editor @ Broke Professionals

12:35 pm
March 28, 2012




posts 1041

Just wanted to echo the NO FANTASTICO thing. On HostGator, go to Quick Install on your cPanel and select Wordpress from there. That will save you the trouble of messing with FTP.

Also, the new vs. old Blogger thing could also be the problem. I've had that happen to me before; just didn't think of it until I saw it. Suba is very wise!




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