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1:20 pm
January 8, 2012

Financial Samurai


posts 1803

Hello Everyone,

I want to remind everyone about the spirit of the Yakezie Network and what one should and should not use the forums for.

* The Yakezie Public forums is not for publicly bashing anybody, group, or thing.  If you have an issue with a person or organization, please contact them privately to resolve an issue.  More often than not, there are two sides to every story, and it is up to you and the other party to work something out in an amicable manner.

* The Yakezie Public forums is not to be used as a place to rally support for negativity.  Life is too short to be negative.  Instead, feel free to use the Yakezie Public forums to build relationships, learn new things, bounce ideas off each other, seek help, and highlight some truly unique things you have done.  Keep things positive.

* The Yakezie Public forums is for registered users to discuss their own opinions, which are solely their own.  I, nor the Yakezie Network do not sanction anything that is said.  Only you are responsible for what you write, and if you write something offensive and not conducive to the Yakezie Network, we reserve the right to take things down.

* If anybody has an issue with a particular comment or thread, you can click the "Report suspect comment" button, or e-mail myself and Forest Parks privately to highlight the issue. 

* If any organization or company has an issue with what is written about them or said, please contact us ASAP and click the button to report a bad comment, and we will handle the issue as soon as possible.

* In order for you to comment on the Yakezie Public forums, you must be of legal age.

Once again, respect the culture of the Yakezie, which is to selflessly help others.  If you have nothing good to say, keep it to yourself and handle your private issues on your own.  Please handle your private matters privately.






Financial Samurai - Helping you achieve financial freedom sooner, rather than later.

Yakezie Network Founder 

1:32 pm
January 8, 2012

The College Investor

San Diego, CA


posts 1935

Thanks for putting this together Sam.  I'm sure its not what you wanted to spend your Sunday doing.

Please check out The College Investor at!  This is the home of my Investing 101 Class.

Ready to Take Your Blog To The Next Level:

You can also follow on Twitter @CollegeInvestin or Facebook at…..geinvestor!

3:00 pm
January 8, 2012

Forest Parks

Cairo, Egypt


posts 1337

Thanks for putting this together Sam. I have probably been involved in some misconduct myself at some point. I was behind on moderation over the holidays but back on track now and will try my hardest to keep these rules in check.

If anyone wants to reach out to me privately about any issues on the threads that need attention my email is

Vist me at Frugal Zeitgeist…. Frugal and Sustainable Living for the now…

3:26 pm
January 8, 2012


New York


posts 846

Thank you for this very important piece of information. 

5:57 pm
January 8, 2012

Dr Dean


posts 241

Thanks Sam, great reminder.

Dr Dean, The Millionaire Nurse Blog @DrDeanBurke

12:51 am
January 9, 2012

Super Frugalette


posts 484

Thanks for the summary.


Super Frugalette

Twitter: @Superfrugalette

Facebook: Super Frugalette




12:49 pm
January 9, 2012

Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog


posts 964

Thanks for doing this sam – it's too bad that you even have to tell people to "play nice"


Sustainable Life Blog

6:11 pm
January 9, 2012

Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter


posts 2213

Thanks for putting this together. It is a shame we need it but it is the old cover your butt method.

Miss T

"Helping you save money, go green, and have fun"

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Email me at prairieecothrifter[at]gmail[dot]com

9:41 am
January 10, 2012

Hunter @financiallyc

Virginia Beach


posts 707

Thanks Sam, important reminder.

8:12 am
January 31, 2012


Chicago, IL


posts 261

There are enough trolls on the internet- no room for negativity on Yakezie! :) 

In Gratitude,

Shannyn +

NEW:  Frugalpreneur on Twitter

8:24 am
January 31, 2012

Cents To Save


posts 435

Shannyn said:

There are enough trolls on the internet- no room for negativity on Yakezie! :) 

Agree! where "Saving Money is Enjoyable"! (Yakezie Member Site)

Facebook  CentToSave "Like Me" ;-)

Twitter CentsToSave

Email me at:

Happy Girl Collectibles (Challenger Site)

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6:16 am
March 26, 2012

Financial Management Blog

South Korea


posts 8

Hi Sam,


Thanks for the reminder. Let's make Yakezie a positive and lovely place for everyone!


FM Blog – The Smart Way to Manage and Grow Money

Blog: Financial Management Blog

Follow Me:  Twitter and  Facebook


8:06 am
March 26, 2012

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

Can we send this out to new people who sign up in the forum automatically?

7:45 am
August 10, 2012

John @ DebtAdviceResource


posts 104

As a new member it's good to know. It mirrors my own thoughts on my plans in joining the Yakezie network. It's a fantastic opportunity to be part of something special.

John "The Bankruptcy Guy"


Visit my website:

Follow my Facebook: Debt Advice Resource

Tweet with me:

12:40 pm
April 18, 2014



posts 7



Thanks for setting the tone of this forum.


Our company,, is a leader in teaching finance basics on mobile.


For every dollar produced GDP in USA, five dollar GDP is produced in Debt.


Check us out.


For those out there, let me know if I can ever help.

We are well connected with finance group on twitter as well as with mommy groups.


Happy Easter!

Rayfil Wong


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