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Terrible Cheap Date Stories


1:39 pm
July 24, 2013



posts 182

I've started a series on cheap date stories that ruined relationships or prevented them from getting started. I've had some fantastic and fun entries so far and am looking for more! They make me cringe, but I can't look away.…..eap-dates/

If you've got a cheap story, please let me know so that we can share your story with the world!

4:21 pm
September 30, 2013

Eve of Reduction

Buffalo, NY


posts 46

Not me, but my sister went on a date with a guy that took her to Dairy Queen. There was actually a discussion as to where to go for ice cream. She suggesting a quaint place and he suggested DQ. She pushed back, he tried to sell her on it; she went. And that was the end of that. We called it the banana split. 

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5:23 pm
September 30, 2013



posts 727

A friend recently took a woman out for lunch at Whole Foods. Not the deli, the samples.

She works at a gourmet restaurant, so he knew he wasn't going to impress her with food.

It actually worked out well.

5:37 pm
October 6, 2013



posts 40

Many years ago, I went on a motorcycle ride/date with a woman who lived just south of San Francisco. We were on my Suzuki 750 and the plan was to ride north of the city on Hwy 1. The weather was great and the scenery terrific. I rode nicely so she wasn't scared. We rode up to Bodega Bay, looked around, and then turned back. We stopped for dinner at a very nice restaurant in Tomales, just north of Tomales Bay. As we finished dinner, I got out my wallet and found I had no money. I was a young idiot, I suppose, and somehow forgot to stop at a bank. I did not have my own credit card at this point in my life, either. I showed my empty wallet to my date. She was pretty non-plussed. She pointed at my company credit card and asked, "What's that?" I had only been on the job for a few months and had no clue about the company credit card policies. I told her I didn't think I could use it and asked if she had any money. She was even less happy with that. I paid with the company card and we proceeded on our way. It took a few hours to get back to her house, and by then we were a couple of frozen Popsicles. We were wearing jackets and protective gear that I had brought, but I didn't account for how cold it would get after sunset along the Pacific Coast. We were both violently shivering when we got to her house. I asked if I could come in for a moment just to thaw before riding the rest of the way home, which was about 40 miles. She handed me the riding gear I had brought for her, said "Thanks for the date" and shut the door in my face. I warmed my hands for about 5 minutes on my motorcycle engine and rode home. That was one cold date.


9:15 am
October 7, 2013

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff


posts 3048

@Bryce, OUCH!  I would have at least let you thaw out a little.


Most of the dates I went on were cheap, but we were broke college kids.  I ended up marrying the dude though, lol.  So far, so good.  Laugh 


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1:39 pm
October 7, 2013



posts 727

The problem was your sales pitch.  Instead of asking to come in and warm up, you should have pitched it so it was all about her.


"Can I come in and help you warm up? I have all of this excess body heat to share."


You should always think about your date first….

11:36 am
October 8, 2013



posts 182

haha +1

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