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What Is Wrong With Our Young People?

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3:12 pm
July 6, 2013

The College Investor

San Diego, CA


posts 1935

While getting today's post ready, I was a bit in shock, and yet at the same time, I wasn't.


DJ shares a conversation he had with a student, and it was eye opening.  If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it:


My Conversation With a Delusional College Student

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6:19 pm
July 7, 2013



posts 986

After reading this, it's no wonder we have so many financially illiterate people out there with a sense of entitlement!


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9:30 am
July 11, 2013

Anton Ivanov

San Diego, CA


posts 129

I was also pretty shocked after reading the interview. And to think that this is the future of America…

1:30 pm
July 12, 2013

First Million is the Hardest

Buffalo, NY


posts 119

While this one person seems to be quite ignorant, lets not be so quick to paint a bleak future for our society based on one kid. Some people just get their eyes opened to the "real world" for the first time when they get to college! 

2:34 pm
July 28, 2013

FI Fighter


posts 53

Yeah, I don't think it's the end of the world. I graduated college and really didn't know the first thing about finances… If you still have no clue after working 5-10 years… then I would start to worry…

FI Fighter (Path to Early Financial Independence)


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12:08 am
August 4, 2013



posts 105

I think it's messed up.  I learned about PF a bit early, but I feel like if this person wasn't being thrown into a sink or swim situation, the parents definitely should have educated them about things like…hmmmm…you don't just get to go to college for free.  And filling out the FAFSA is always a good idea.  Even if you're not "poor," you might be surprised at what you get.

Femme Frugality

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7:56 am
August 4, 2013



posts 909

Where were the parents in this? I realize children do not come with a "How to Manual" but parents are supposed to prepare their children to leave the nest. 

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3:37 pm
August 6, 2013



posts 165

Reminds me of my roommate freshman year. He opened a credit card and didn't pay the balance. When the next statement came he called to "disagree" with the finance charges saying that he didn't make those charges. The credit card company had to explain to him what finance charges were.

4:39 am
August 14, 2013



this shouldn't be seen as an indicator of all young people – I worked three part time jobs for the majority of my time at university in order to pay for my accomodation, food, living and tuition expenses. I graduated with $5,000 of debt (which I only took on because it was interest free) and promptly repaid what I owed within a few months. Every group of people will have some who are financially switched on and those who have no idea.

5:29 am
September 16, 2013

John @ DebtAdviceResource


posts 104

I really enjoyed this! Sharp writing and an interesting insight!

John "The Bankruptcy Guy"


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4:04 pm
September 27, 2013



posts 20

Great post, I think it's a parents and young people conversation. It almost seems like students with less supportive parents are more on top of their finances (in my experience working in residence life). It's not a good idea to send a kid to college without cluing them in to how expensive it is or how budgeting works, even if you can afford it. 

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7:05 pm
October 6, 2013



posts 40

I am hoping this student is in a small minority. I never encountered students with that much of an attitude of entitlement when I was in college. Of course, that was over 30 years ago, so things may have changed a bit since then.

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