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Blog feedback


12:14 pm
July 11, 2012

Ryan @ Planwise

San Francisco


posts 62

Hello everyone.. I am new to the Yazekie network but I have been blogging for almost a year now for my company.

I am trying to take it a bit more seriously now and make improvements if need be.


I was wondering if you kind folk could check it out and offer any sorts of feedback for me.


you can check it out at


It is part of a bigger picture wich is a tech startup called so it's a portal in a way.


thanks to anyone and everyone.




Be wise, Planwse

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11:50 am
July 12, 2012



posts 812

The slide show is nice but it loaded r e a l l y slow!


7:08 pm
July 15, 2012



posts 198

Every excerpt has two identical sets of social bookmarking buttons.  Not only does that cause the page to load slowly, it's overbearing.  The buttons consume more real estate than the content.

Unless you know that you've getting clicks from those buttons in particular, I'd put them only next to the full article.  I won't speak for everyone but I'm not likely to share an article based on an excerpt alone.

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7:43 pm
July 15, 2012

The College Investor

San Diego, CA


posts 1935

Way too many sharing buttons and your site does load slow.  It was over 8 seconds when I just went there.  And then the sharing buttons overwhelmed me.

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1:15 am
July 16, 2012




posts 1041

Agree with others re: the social buttons and load time. Also (and I'm nitpicking, but it's an occupational hazard) it's disconcerting to me that the blog has a different theme from the main site. The logo seems super huge and out of place after seeing the one on the main site, and I'd rather see the tag cloud at the bottom of the sidebar than above the footer. Some of the navigation isn't clear to me – I wasn't exactly sure what I was clicking on.

All that said, I like the amount of information available and the fact that you seem to be having some fun with the blog instead of making it stuffy and corporate. I especially like the Instagram feed in the sidebar (looking into that for my business site's blog right now).




8:12 am
July 16, 2012


New York


posts 846

The sharing buttons are HUGE. Also too much grey space on your page. It just seems a bit dead on the right and left. Maybe try expanding out a bit more so it's not so small. that might help the buttons too. 

8:39 am
July 16, 2012

Ted Jenkin @ YourSmartMoneyMoves

Gen X & Y Finance


posts 212

I agree with what has been said by all the other posters here… To many share buttons and the site loads WAYYY to slowly.  Make sure you are running a cache plugin to help with some of the load times.  I would swap out the gallery / rotator at the top for one that is a bit faster on the draw…

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1:20 pm
July 17, 2012

Ryan @ Planwise

San Francisco


posts 62

Thanks everyone!


I made some changes according to your comments. I changed the share widgets to only be at the bottom. 


I added a cache plugin, and messed with the slider. It seems to be loading a lot faster than before.


not really sure what to do about the mass gray areas. We will be cleaning up the color and brand of the blog as soon as we finish up with some product work. We will also be redoing the to go along with overall branding of the tool, home page and blog!


Looking forward to chatting more with you guys and gals!Laugh

Be wise, Planwse

Company Twitter@getplanwise

Company Website

Company Blog

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