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How to begin branding Blog


5:32 pm
June 29, 2012


New Member

posts 1

Hey whats up everyone, I'm new to blogging and Yakezie. I was actually informed from a friend to join and I have been reading some content and I love what I see. I want to really help others from my communtiy so I created a blog ( so I could provide an outlet to business and finace.

How do you come up with content to publish?

How do you begin  branding the blog and get people to help share content on the site?

5:37 pm
July 1, 2012

Barbara Friedberg


posts 1302

Hi Donovan,

Most bloggers write their own content. Some hire guest writers. Defining your brand is a personal and challenging task depending on who you want to read and what you have to offer.

Good luck.

6:00 am
July 2, 2012


New York


posts 846

Welcome. What ever you do stay focused on your audience and their needs if you know who they are. Stay niche. I can tell you from experience that although I love what I do I am not as niche as I should be. 


But that is what happens when you are artistic in the brain. 


Congrats again. 

11:32 am
July 2, 2012

Eric J. Nisall

Coral Springs, FL


posts 377

To address your branding issue, there are a number of things you need to do.  So far, you have got the logo, but you don't use it anywhere other than your site.  Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google + Brand profile and use the logo for those avatars.  Make your logo your image for these forums as well any others you participate in.  And do not forget your email signature either!  Use your logo everywhere you participate.  And participate everywhere you can afford to. That is the key to branding–make your brand recognizable either by name or image and being (seemingly) everywhere won't hurt either.


On your website, I would suggest changing the header to get rid of the rappers and make your name & logo the focal point.  You may also want to consider getting someone like Andrea (Nuts & Bolts Media/So Over Debt) to do a redesign on the site as well to improve the viewability and fill in in the holes in the structure.  Just a suggestion.

Eric J. Nisall


DollarVersity on Facebook & Google+

Email me:

8:25 am
July 6, 2012



posts 271

Hey! Welcome to the blogosphere – you certainly have a unique focus but I do echo what Eric is saying. 

Definitely participate in the blogging community as much as possible; comment on other blogs, visit other blogs, take the Yakezie challenge, get on social media, and write! I see that your last posts were from April (maybe I'm just seeing things backward) which is a problem.

Daisy @ When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka
Twitter: Add_vodka 

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