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2:39 am
November 12, 2013



posts 182

Hi guys,

Having recently listened to a Pat Flynn podcast where he interviewed Joel Comm, they discussed the importance of "Klout", as a measure of social influence?

Do you pay much attention to your klout score? What is it? What do you use it for?

5:02 pm
November 12, 2013



posts 60

I pay attention only if they are offering to send me stuff. . .

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5:10 pm
November 12, 2013



posts 18

Same here! I only check it when I get an email with an offer. But for the most part, I find it to be somewhat accurate given the amount I use social media. 

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9:33 am
November 14, 2013

Barbara Friedberg


posts 1302

There are so many sources screaming for our attention, I find, I have to be a bit focused on what I attend to . I'll respond to a klout email on occasion and tweet out my score. In general, I focus on twitter, g+, pinterest, and linkedin for social media marketing

12:52 pm
November 14, 2013

Eric –

Portland, OR


posts 2120

Klout used to be worth looking at on occasion, but most people don't really care about it anymore other than for the free giveaways they do.

6:24 am
November 19, 2013

Khaleef @ KNS Financial

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet


posts 3149

Like most here, I only pay attention to Klout when they send me perks. Other than that, I don't do much to intentionally raise the score. I figure, if I am interacting through various social media, my score should go up anyway, but I don't interact with the purpose of increasing the score…that's just a bonus (I guess).

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4:32 pm
November 24, 2013

Money Counselor


posts 233

If I tried to keep up on all social media-type tools I'd have no time to write blog posts. Somehow I think that wouldn't work out. Smile I dabbled in Klout for a while, but now I rarely pay attention to it. Just feel like I have to draw the line somewhere, and so far Klout's on the 'mostly ignore' side of the line for me.

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12:29 am
December 8, 2013


Manchester, UK


posts 679

I thought (think) that Klout is one of those things that looks after itself. Then again, I think that about most social media aside from LinkedIn and G+.



7:32 pm
December 9, 2013

Bobby @ Making Money Fast and Slow


posts 9

I feel like it's a nice-to-have, but really doesn't do much for me. If I had a 60, then it might mean something, at least bragging rights.

8:37 am
December 10, 2013



posts 617

The only time I realize they exist is when I get an email from them… 

1:45 pm
December 10, 2013



posts 182

Thanks for the replies everyone. It seems that its primarily for possibly getting freebies and secondly for bragging rights… I'll probably not be "working" on that then. Thanks all.

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