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Yakezie Challengers Forum


4:34 am
July 11, 2015



posts 99

Welcome Nelson! I read your first post and really liked it. We (surprisingly) don't seem to have many economist PF bloggers, so I really appreciated that perspective. Anyway, welcome and good luck!

7:26 am
July 11, 2015

Paul Moyer

South Carolina

New Member

posts 1

Hello Everyone,


My name is Paul Moyer and I run  I decided to join your ranks and take the Yakezie 6-month challenge.  I am a local SEO professional by trade and would be happy to exchange ideas with anyone on that topic as well.  I look forward to connecting with everyone and building our brands together.  My current Alexa ranking is 3,535,407 and am excited about seeing that number climb.

11:49 am
July 11, 2015

Erik – A More Successful You

New Member

posts 1

Hello Everyone! I am joining the challenge at I am interested in personal growth, becoming successful, and personal finance. I have recently built a net worth calculator to project out your net worth X years in the future.

A little background: I started blogging in March 2015 and then took a month off, and have started up again. I had my rank down to 6M at one point, but then took 2 months off. I am back at 19M Alexa and will be working my way down.

8:05 pm
July 12, 2015


San Jose, CA

New Member

posts 2

colormefrugal said:

Welcome Nelson! I read your first post and really liked it. We (surprisingly) don't seem to have many economist PF bloggers, so I really appreciated that perspective. Anyway, welcome and good luck!

Thanks again for the advice Dee.  Welcome Paul and Erik.  Looking forward to exchanging lessons learned with everybody.  Cheers  

7:29 am
August 1, 2015



posts 3

Hi everyone!


My name is Alexandra, and I am (re)joining the Yakezie Challenge with my blog Real Simple Finances. I believe it was 2013 when I first attempted the challenge — now, with my graduate degree completed and a job I love, I feel more confident about my ability to focus on writing and networking my blog.


RSF is a blog for everyday people, where my goal is to write easy financial tips that anyone can follow. Currently, I rank 1,723,829 on Alexa.

~ Alexandra

7:00 pm
August 7, 2015


New Member

posts 1

Hello! I am Charlie! I am joining this challenge. I write about credit cards. My ranking is more than 22,000,000 now.

My blog:

It's about…well, you know what it's about from the domain name

10:30 am
August 16, 2015



posts 99

Welcome everyone!  Charlie, I just checked out your site- congrats on dropping your rank so much!



2:55 pm
September 21, 2015

Invest Four More

Greeley CO


posts 9

Well, I finally broke 100,000! My traffic increased a ton, but my ranking never moved much the last year!

Real Estate investing, Fix and Flips, Rental Properties and Becoming a Real Estate Agent

12:54 am
October 8, 2015


San Diego, CA

New Member

posts 1

Post edited 1:01 am – October 8, 2015 by financiallyalert



I’m super excited to take on the Yakezie 6-Month Challenge!  Other challengers, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you succeed. Smile


I am a thirty something early retiree who is lucky to stay at home with my kids (3 & 1). When I’m not chasing the little ones around, I’m an active blogger and investor.  In my early twenties I started and ran an I.T. support company for a decade before selling it. Along the way I saved a large chunk of my income and slowly converted that into assets… real estate, equities, etc.


My site is:

Current Global Rank – 2,743,395
Current U.S. Rank – 515,885


I blog about financial education, early retirement, and the relationship between mind & money.    


Any feedback (good or bad) is warmly welcomed!




9:08 pm
November 2, 2015



posts 5

Hello everyone,


Looks like I had posted earlier in the wrong forum about joining the challenge so I'll do it here again!


My current Alexa ranking is a little over 12,000,000, which would delight me if a higher number meant it was better :)


I run a financial blog about cutting debt and improving one's lifestyle and hope to learn and grow by participating in the Yakezie challenge!

3:07 pm
December 13, 2015



New Member

posts 2

Hi everyone! I'm Sara and I just joined the challenge! I turned 30 years old this year and wanted to pay off all my debt and challenge myself to become financially free by 40 years old! My biggest challenge is living in NYC :) Also, can't seem to get a ranking from the Alexa plugin without paying? Laugh

I am a 30 year old living in NYC. My main goal is to pay off my mortgage and become financially free.

See my journey at :

10:42 pm
December 13, 2015


New Jersey


posts 4

Hi Sara, and welcome! You don't need to pay to get your Alexa ranking, but it may be that your site is too new to be ranked yet…at least that's my best guess.

Super Saving Tips

Connect with me on
Facebook, Google+, Twitter, RSS

6:02 am
January 7, 2016

The Drunk Millionaire


New Member

posts 1

Hello! My name is Preston and I blog at The Drunk Millionaire. I would like to let you all to know that I’ve accepted the Yakezie challenge!


I started giving personal finance advice to my college friends back in 2012 and have archived these discussions ever since. A few months ago I decided that I would like to provide them via free blog posts and I’ve since become addicted!


I am a scientist by trade, but have a strange obsession with finance and spreadsheets. After watching friends and colleagues drown in debt and make horrible financial decisions, I decided to do my small part in helping others learn the common sense of personal finance. I haven’t made any notable financial blunders thus far in life, and my wife and I are targeting financial independence by age 35.  I hope to motivate as many people as possible to join us on our journey.


I look forward to the accountability provided by this challenge and the community within this forum.


Starting Stats:

Alexa Ranking: 12,606,382

9:05 am
January 7, 2016


New Member

posts 2

Hello all!


My name is Josh and I have started my journey with my blog Family Financier.  My aim is to help improve the overall picture of myself and my readers' family finances by exploring topics such as budgeting, saving, retirement, college, taxes, and more.  I would love to become something of a support network for people struggling with questions about what to do to help their families.

I look forward to meeting everyone here that is involved in the challenge and the community at large.  I would love feedback (both good and bad) only what I have going on and I promise that I respond extremely well to criticism!

Starting stats for:

My Alexa ranking shortly after starting the site 12/15/15:  18,867,798

My Alexa ranking on the day of starting the challenge 1/7/16:  3,752,577

Goal for 7/7/16:  <200,000!!

8:14 pm
January 11, 2016


New Member

posts 1

Hey Everyone! 

I'm Andrew and I run the site I'm getting my family out of debt and focusing on building wealth and creating financial freedom. I'm very excited to join the Yakezie Challenge. This month we will pay off our mortgage and soon after be debt free. It's an exciting time for us, and I feel very fortunate to get to share it with people. 

I've been a fan of personal finance my whole money-making life and doing this challenge seems like a great way to get myself amped up and network with some great like minded people. I had already set the goal of posting at least twice a week so this will be a great fit.

I've given ourselves 10 years to become financially free and I look forward to sharing the lessons as I go.

My Alexa Ranking today is 4,767,727

I look forward to reading your posts and commenting as we go through the next 6 months. It's going to be epic!


1:40 pm
January 16, 2016


New Member

posts 2

Hey Andrew and welcome to the challenge!

2:12 pm
March 7, 2016


New Member

posts 1

Hey everyone!

I'm launching my personal finance site in April and I'll hit sub 200k Alexa rank by October 2016.

I live near London in the UK with a full time job at a software company.

My hobbies include Spanish guitar and anything adventurous (hiking, open water swimming & snowboarding).

Looking forward to connecting with more bloggers from around the world.


9:04 am
March 8, 2016

Personal Finance News

New Member

posts 1

Hello fellow bloggers,


I am a thirty-something guy, married with two kids. I join Yakezie challenge on March 8, 2016 and my Alexa rank is 870,800.


I began documenting our personal finance in 2005. This website, Personal Finance News, grew out of my personal blogging. My main goal is to help people by sharing personal finance news that really matters.


I look forward to joining with other personal finance bloggers and selflessly helping each other out!

Personal finance news, stuff that really matters

Twitter: @PFinanceNews

Facebook: PersonalFinanceNews

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