How To Win At Everything Online

As advised by someone who has never won anything online

by in Personal Finance on Mar 31st, 2014

One blogger I’ve been mentoring over the past year asked me the other day, “How can I ever win one of those blogging awards? I see some blogs get award after award and they aren’t that good. Their traffic isn’t that high and their content isn’t very original. Yet some sites have much better content and never win anything. What’s your secret for winning an award?

I thought about his question for a moment and answered, “First of all, we have a tendency to think we are better than we really are. Second of all, I’ve actually never won a single award in my five years of writing online. This is despite writing the majority of my content, coming up with new concepts, shying away from sponsored posts, and receiving a decent amount of visitors a month. Unfortunately, you’ll probably never win an award and neither will I because 1) we aren’t self promotional enough and 2) we don’t do enough to promote those in control of giving out the awards.”

We all know that people tend to hang out and support folks who look like them, talk like them, and share their same values. It’s just the way we humans are. My central thesis in “How To Get Paid And Promoted Faster At Work” has to do with spending at least 50% of your time selling yourself internally in order to get ahead in the workplace. The same theory applies if you want to win awards online. It’s understandable that the same type of people and blogs tend to win over and over again. We like what we know.

But as someone who left Corporate America to do my own thing, I’ve got close to zero desire to network for the purpose of winning an award. Networking for friendships and fun, yes. But for an award, not so much. And for this simple reason, no matter how good my content is or how large I grow, I don’t think I’ll ever win anything. It’s not that I don’t enjoy accolades, because I do. It’s just that the biggest accolade is simply site traffic.

The internet is as close to a true meritocracy as there is. Anybody can grow their sites with enough effort and good content because the search algorithms are much less biased than humans. I also like that I can’t buy my way to success by spending lots of money on Adwords to rank higher for organic keywords.

We aren’t blogging for other bloggers unless that is your niche. Most of us are blogging for the greater community based on our site’s genre. Of course there is some overlap, but if your site grows large enough, bloggers as readers should make up less than 5% of your daily traffic.

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Another Reason To Focus On Affiliate Advertising And Not Direct Advertising

by in Personal Finance on Mar 24th, 2014

For a couple years I’ve been encouraging fellow bloggers to really de-emphasize sponsored posts and text link ads on their main site(s) – or sites they care about not getting crushed by Google. Google has helped expedite the decline of direct advertising with its frequent algorithmic changes and warnings. It’s understandable to go after the easy money, but I’m absolutely positive that as long as you focus most of your advertisement revenue on direct advertising, your content quality will suffer and you will never be able to “break out” and generate outsized traffic with a consistent revenue stream.

I don’t think hosting a link or sponsored post that is relevant and pertinent to your site once in a long while is necessarily a bad thing. There’s a lot of good content out there that can help readers, and it is your site after all. Just don’t over do it. Growth of readership is where you start making the really large money from CPM, affiliate income, and maybe CPC – I’m talking tens of thousands a month, which more people make than you realize. Most people who make such income just keep quiet.

The focus of this post is to highlight another reason why you should minimize direct advertising and maximize affiliate advertising based on my experience over the past two months.  Read More

How To Get A Day Job With Your Blog

Leverage Your Blog To Full-Time Employment

by in Personal Finance on Feb 27th, 2014

For those of you who’ve been following my writing on Financial Samurai, I recently announced that I’ve started a new part-time role as Personal Capital’s content manager for its blog called Daily Capital. I’d appreciate it if you could check it out and lend your support. Maybe even leave a comment or 10 so I don’t get fired too quick!

I’m very excited about the opportunity for several reasons:

1)   I believe in the product. Leveraging technology to grow your wealth and create a business to gather assets is a no brainer. Those industries who do not leverage technology will be left behind.

2)   The role is very similar to what I’m doing for Financial Samurai and the Yakezie Network, just with a massive clientele, and a large marketing budget.

3)   I get to physically interact with more humans, which I’ve found to be a necessity after working solo for almost two years. Full-time bloggers and freelancers know how lonely working online can get.

4)   There’s a challenge to build something meaningful. Daily Capital has a lot of upside due to the resource’s at Personal Capital’s disposal. They’ve got CFPs, PhDs, MBAs, and industry veterans all looking to share their knowledge. They just need someone to focus on executing the goals. There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing things grow from hard work and creativity.

5)   The ability to finally experience San Francisco tech culture and grow my network. Working at a tech startup is on my bucket list. It would be a crying shame to live through the golden age of tech in SF and never experience what it was like.

From an employer’s point of view, it makes sense to hire someone who is a believer of the product, user of the product, has experience in the field they are looking to hire, and wants a challenge. So far, the fit has been great and I want to share with you thoughts on how I was able to get a “real” physical job using my blog.


No More Excuses Why You Can’t Make Meaningful Affiliate Income Online

Proof You Don't Need A Lot Of Traffic

by in Personal Finance on Dec 16th, 2013

I hope by now everybody agrees affiliate income is the way to go to make money online. What’s better than helping a reader at the end of a post with a product that’s completely related to the answers they are looking for while allowing you to make money in the process? Once the post is published, you may very well earn passive income for years depending on the quality of your whale post.

Affiliate income is the most passive of active online income. Affiliate income is also the safest and most congruent of online income streams. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past four years when it comes to search engine algorithms. They use to worry me like they use to worry many of you. But I stopped paying close attention to things such as pagerank and domain authority a couple years ago when I shifted the large majority of my focus to finding products that could be naturally incorporated into my writing.

Now the main work I’ve got to do is make sure my links still redirect since campaigns expire all the time. Make it a practice to audit your affiliate links at least once a month. Run the broken link checker plug-in every so often as well.


Understanding The World Of Binary Options Investing

by in Personal Finance on Dec 11th, 2013

During senior year of college, I was already highly immersed in the world of stock market investing. I used Ameritrade at the time and would purposefully schedule my classes until after the market closed in order to day trade online. I’m lucky I didn’t have a lot of money because I faired poorly in my trades, but I learned a tremendous amount that would later set me up for a career on Wall St. 

One of the desks I could have joined on the 50th floor of 1 New York Plaza was the derivatives desk. I’ve always thought of derivatives as only for hardcore math geeks, of which I was not. I disliked higher level math with a passion. But when I spoke to the team they seemed absolutely normal. I knew very little about options, so I was told to read, “Options As A Strategic Investment,” a 1,000+ page book by McMillan and fly back a month later for follow up interviews. They ended up asking me only one question from the entire book, “What is a butterfly spread?” I didn’t join the derivatives desk in the end, but ever since that experience I’ve always kept my eye on options as a way to hedge or juice my investments.

The following is a post that discusses the world of binary options, something I’m not too familiar with. I don’t recommend options investing for every day investors. Get the basics down first!

The idea of investing in stock and trying our hand at stock market trading is something that appeals to many of us, however, very few of us will make the jump from thinking about it, to actually doing it. There are many reasons for this – for some it is an issue of capital, for others its accessibility to the stock we want to invest in, and for others its fear, a fear of not having the savvy and the chops to navigate the financial markets and make a profit while doing so.

At the end of the day, investing and profiting from your investments is not an easy game. I suppose if it was everyone would be doing it! If you do find yourself been put off investing due to any of the reasons mentioned above but you would still like to get a piece of the stock market pie, there is an alternative investment vehicle one that allows you to invest and profit from the stock markets without having to overcome obstacles that hold many of us back.

This alternative investment vehicle is “Binary Option Trading” aka “all-or-nothing options.”

What is binary option trading? Read More

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