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Yakezie Theta Membership Class Is Now Open!

by in Featured on Mar 5th, 2014
Yakezie Theta Membership Class Is Now Open! Thumbnail

Greetings all Challengers! For those of you who joined the challenge before August 1, 2013 please fill out the questionnaire to be considered a Yakezie Theta Class Member. If you are within 30 days short of the six month period, you should still apply for consideration as this process takes about a month. If you [...]

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How To Get A Day Job With Your Blog

by in Personal Finance on Feb 27th, 2014

For those of you who’ve been following my writing on Financial Samurai, I recently announced that I’ve started a new part-time role as Personal Capital’s content manager for its blog called Daily Capital. I’d appreciate it if you could check it out and lend your support. Maybe even leave a comment or 10 so I [...]

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Make More Money Online By Following The Wine Pairing Strategy

by in Lifestyle on Feb 20th, 2014

During the fall of 2013 I decided to add a new Services page on Financial Samurai. The new page is entitled, “Resume Review & Optimization Services” where I help college graduates or working professionals present themselves better to improve their chances of getting hired. With my background as a hiring manager and my intense interest [...]

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The Best Way To Deal With E-Mail Spam And Make More Money

by in Lifestyle on Feb 17th, 2014
The Best Way To Deal With E-Mail Spam And Make More Money Thumbnail

I get about five unsolicited e-mails a day from PR companies and random folks asking me to pitch a product or click some link of theirs. The unsolicited e-mails wouldn’t be so bad if the sender at least addressed me by my name, followed my site, or mentioned something interesting in one of my posts. [...]

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The Best Way To Deal With Comment Spam And Impersonators

by in Lifestyle on Feb 9th, 2014
The Best Way To Deal With Comment Spam And Impersonators Thumbnail

Spammers are annoying, but thanks to technology we’ve got great tools like Akismet to keep most of them at bay. Furthermore, I’ve realized spammers can be a great way to earn passive income! From a spammer’s point of view, if they can send out 1 million spam messages and just get 1% to go through [...]

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How To Make Money Quitting Your Job
  • Sam: I like your methodical thinking man. One question: Can you do math problems in your head while doing triathlons?...
  • Eve of Reduction: Great post…so many lessons that ring true, not just in the beginning, but because we’re...
  • Sam: Sounds like you got some good kids. It’s amazing how change is so constant in our lives.
  • Brian@Luke1428: Thanks a bunch! I appreciate you helping me reach this goal by frequenting my sight. I love your...
  • thefrugalweds: That’s so awesome, Brian! Congratulations :-) We are certainly big fans of Luke1428 and wish you...
  • Brian@Luke1428: Haha…it is crazy…especially that one spring where she was doing tax season, school and...
  • Brian@Luke1428: Appreciate it Eliza. Congrats as well, on your inclusion in this class.
  • Brian@Luke1428: Thanks Barbara. I was very nervous when I first started, wondering whether I would enjoy this much...
  • Squirrelers: Congrats on becoming a part of the network! I enjoyed your story. By the way, while I’m no longer...
  • HappySimpleLiving: Congratulations Brian, proud fellow member of the Theta class! I really enjoyed your post, and...

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