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I hate feeling stupid.  It drives me absolutely up the wall when I can’t figure out how to put the proper coding into my website for example.  I feel so lost when I don’t understand what all my fellow online friends are talking about when they speak in acronyms.  You know like, “What’s your CMS?”  Huh?  You want some Cold Meat Salami?  Let me go check the fridgerator, be right back.

Of course the coder isn’t asking me for my salami.  That’s just silly, unless he was a she, then maybe it might make more sense and be more acceptable.  Whuh? He’s asking about what my Content Management System is.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, OK!  Still, what the hell is that?  I just use WordPress for my blog.  Ain’t that good enough?  Why speak in code?  I feel dumb.


Since everything is rational, and I hate feeling stupid, I do everything I can to figure out the answer.  I will raise my hand if I don’t know something, and I would rather understand how to do it myself than have someone do it for me.  Unfortunately, there comes a point where no matter how much I learn, I will never be as good as Suba from Wealth Informatics or Forest from Frugal Zeigeist when it comes to understanding computers, internet, and software.  And so, I give up.

It’s important we have some sense of realization what our strengths and limitations are.  If you don’t know you’re a terrible cook, you might ruin your marriage!  If you don’t know you’re not one of the top three starters, and always put yourself in the line-up, you’ll destroy your chances for making the playoffs!  And if you don’t know that you have no business coding, you may very well play around with your site and cause it to crash.

So what do we do?  The answer is simply to offer something in exchange for someone’s expertise.  It could be money among strangers, or exchange of services among friends.  Money is always a tricky subject between friends, and I never accept any money from any friends, unless of course they lose a bet, or if I make them even more money in the process.

With friends, it feels much better doing something for someone else in exchange as Invest It Wisely so eloquently demonstrated in his article, “Gain Time And Money Through Outsourcing And Trade“.  Everybody has some strength that can be beneficial to someone else.  Mine so happens to be negotiations and ensuring the successful completion of projects no matter what.

My mission is to always try and help someone far more than they’ve helped me.  It might take a while, but I won’t give up until that mission is achieved.


If you’re feeling stupid, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  Raise your hand and ask a lot of questions, for rest assured others will have the same questions.  The reason why the Yakezie Forums rock is because we talk about everything from personal finance, taxes, coding, advertisement, travel, lifestyle, blogging you name it.  There are no dumb questions, only unasked ones!

Readers, do you feel stupid sometimes?  What do you do when that sometimes comes? 

How about them November unemployment data falling to a 2.5 year low of 8.6%?  Rock on economy!