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If you haven’t seen this video yet, you are in for a real treat. A homeless man has been panhandling on the streets of Ohio with a sign that says he has the “God-given gift of a great voice.” It’s true, his voice is AMAZING and so inspirational for anybody whose been down on his or her luck and lost hope.

The homeless man, whose name is Ted Williams tells us that he once worked in radio, but due to alcohol and drugs, his life went downhill. Despite his difficulties, he never gave up hope and thanked goodness everyday. He’s been sober for two years now and all he would like is to earn enough money to eat regular meals, have a place to call his own, and find a steady job again. Oh yes, he also prayed everyday that he could one day see his 92 year old mother in Brooklyn and show her that he was alright and that he had made it.

Well Ted, you have made it alright and the entire world is rooting for you! Your kindness after the man gave you the $1 was so sincere. I watched this video 7X after everybody had left from work and began to cry. Your humility and spirit is such an inspiration! If you are out there and happen to stumble across this site, I will happily send you a check for $500 to help support whatever you need. Perhaps you’d be free to do a short interview as well!

Radio is defined, theater of mind.”Wait till you hear his voice in the end.  You will be moved to love your parents and inspire you to do more.


What we learn from watching the first video is that Ted actually went to school to develop his radio voice.  Here are some tips to improve your speaking voice from a communications class I took in graduate school:

* Speak in a deeper voice. If you’ve ever wondered why anchorwomen and sportscasters tend to speak in such low voices, it’s simply because low voices sound more authoritative and soothing.  Think about the difference between the comfortable sound of a Labrador’s deep *woof*, and a high pitched sound of a Chihuahua’s *yap*.  You probably don’t want to sound like Mike Tyson or Fran from The Nanny either.

* Articulate. Try exaggerating your lip movement to reduce mumbling. Practice articulating tongue twisters and extending and exaggerating vowel sounds.  Also, think about how words are spoken in a proper British accent.  The reason why a British accent sounds so sophisticated is because of the crisp enunciation.  For a hybrid, think about Dr. Fraser Crane in the hit sitcom Fraser.  What a strange, but highly educated sounding voice he has.

* Loosen up and slow down. When people get nervous, not only do their voices start going higher, their voices also start speeding up.  It’s important to be fully cognizant of the moment by breathing through your diaphram and speak each word with purpose.  Use pauses and different pitches to keep your voice interesting.

* Record yourself speaking. The way you sound is different from how others hear you.  It’s important to record yourself speaking to understand what parts you can improve on.  You can do trial and error by testing out various speeds and pitches to find one that’s most suitable.

* Don’t forget to breathe. Everything you do comes from your core.  If you forget to breathe, your voice falls apart.  Be mindful of your breath all the time.

Thank you Ted again for your inspiration!

Readers, have you ever wondered about the importance of your speaking voice?  Do you have any tips to share with others on how to give good interviews and speak with more butter?



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