Many people throughout their life find themselves admiring a number of different people. In my case it has been different though, I have always admired the same person my entire life; my dad. Ever since I was a young child I can always remember my dad trying to support me and give me the best opportunities in life. My father came to the United States very poor from Pakistan and struggled to make ends meet especially when our family grew. He would take every job possible and at times I wouldn’t seem him for days. I never got angry or mad at him though because I knew he was working for the greater good, to feed us and provide us with an education he never had. I look up to my father so much because he continues to work hard everyday without any complaints. He has always taught me to make the most of what I had and to never settle for second place. He also would tell me that nothing is impossible and that if you put your mind to something it can become a reality.

This has become a similarity I have grown to share with my dad. All throughout high school I have worked very hard to provide my self an education that can help me through college. I have always told myself that anything is possible, which is why I believe I will find enough money to attend Indiana University even though my expected family contribution will be 0. As a child my dad said that he lived on top of a garage with the five other members of his family and he felt fortunate for that home. He says he never looked down at it instead, he always was impressed that he had a home to go to at night. I share this quality as well with my father because I have never tried to live lavish lifestyle.

Everything my parents have bought me as far as clothing or sports apparel I have never whined about. I learned from him that the little things like the clothes that people where and the cars that they drive don’t mean much in the long run it’s how you spend the time with your loved ones that really count.

There are many things I can never live up to that my father did though. I don’t think I could ever settle working so hard and earning so little. Growing up in America I have learned that the more education you have the better your pay will be. I don’t plan on becoming a greedy person when I am older I would just like to pay my father back and provide him with a comfortable lifestyle. I also don’t think I could live up to his courage. Whenever we come home and there is a suspicion of something odd going on in our home he is the first to go in and check if everything is okay. He is completely fearless and acts as so strong in front of us so that we don’t become afraid.

In the future I plan to be like my father in many ways. I plan to work hard and provide a future for my children, an even brighter one that I had. I plan to give back to the community that helped my family in our difficult financial times. I also plan to never spend too much money on things that aren’t necessities such as clothes and a oversized home. When I grow up and start to work a permanent job I would like to live the simple lifestyle that my father lived and to never brag or showoff.

My father will always be my hero regardless of what happens to me in the future. His legacy will always continue to live on through whatever I do and I plan for my kids to know how great of a man he was too, I hope that I get the opportunity to have enough money to pay my way through college so my dad can see that all his hard work wasn’t for nothing. One day I will make my dad proud, one day I want to be just like my dad.

This essay was submitted Imran Hasan for the December 2010 – Scholarship. See and vote on your favorite essays here.