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You Will Be A Happy Blogger If...

by in Lifestyle on Apr 7th, 2014

I love how here on Yakezie we all come together for our love and interest in blogging, personal finance, lifestyle topics, and helping each other. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a blogger without Yakezie and the support of so many Members and Challengers. I knew so little about websites and blogging before I started the Challenge! Looking back I have to laugh at some of the things I used to get so confused about, for ex. what’s the difference between a plugin vs a widget? and what the heck is RSS? And I know a lot of you have had similar experiences.

I didn’t even know what WordPress was until a few years ago. The only thing I did know was some basic html that I learned many years ago when I was playing around trying to make a website on Yahoo Geocities. (Remember Geocities?!) Ha that was so long ago it sounds like the Stone Ages. Well I totally failed at my first attempts to get on the web, which turned out to be fine, and it’s exciting to see how far technology, web platforms, and online sharing has come since then.

You Will Be A Happy Blogger If…

There are many things I’ve learned from blogging since I started Untemplater. Some I learned from others, some I learned by research, and a few I learned by accident. If I had to pick only one piece of advice to share from them all, it would be to blog because you love to write. You’d be surprised how many people run sites and call themselves bloggers but actually don’t enjoy what they do and dread having to write.

As an observer, I’ve seen more and more people start or takeover a blog primarily because of money and not for the love of it. I’m not saying it’s bad to earn income from blogging, I think that’s a sweet bonus. But having too big a focus on money alone tends to squeeze all the life and personality out of a site. As a blog owner, if you don’t truly love writing for your own readers, the truth will eventually come out.

Blog Because You Love It! Read More

Another Reason To Focus On Affiliate Advertising And Not Direct Advertising

by in Personal Finance on Mar 24th, 2014

For a couple years I’ve been encouraging fellow bloggers to really de-emphasize sponsored posts and text link ads on their main site(s) – or sites they care about not getting crushed by Google. Google has helped expedite the decline of direct advertising with its frequent algorithmic changes and warnings. It’s understandable to go after the easy money, but I’m absolutely positive that as long as you focus most of your advertisement revenue on direct advertising, your content quality will suffer and you will never be able to “break out” and generate outsized traffic with a consistent revenue stream.

I don’t think hosting a link or sponsored post that is relevant and pertinent to your site once in a long while is necessarily a bad thing. There’s a lot of good content out there that can help readers, and it is your site after all. Just don’t over do it. Growth of readership is where you start making the really large money from CPM, affiliate income, and maybe CPC – I’m talking tens of thousands a month, which more people make than you realize. Most people who make such income just keep quiet.

The focus of this post is to highlight another reason why you should minimize direct advertising and maximize affiliate advertising based on my experience over the past two months.  Read More

Make More Money Online By Following The Wine Pairing Strategy

Your Site Is Full Of Hidden Gold And You May Not Even Know It

by in Lifestyle on Feb 20th, 2014

During the fall of 2013 I decided to add a new Services page on Financial Samurai. The new page is entitled, “Resume Review & Optimization Services” where I help college graduates or working professionals present themselves better to improve their chances of getting hired. With my background as a hiring manager and my intense interest in everything employment related, I thought it was a good move.

A month had passed and I received no inquiries for my Resume & Interview Services to my surprise. Perhaps I priced too high at $250 per review? Or perhaps my sales page wasn’t clear and convincing enough. I was curious what was going on.

I told no one on FS about my new service after publishing the page nor have I publicized my other two services either (Personal Finance Consulting and Online Consulting) because I’m already maxed out at what I can handle regarding these two offerings alone. So I was thinking that the Resume Review Service would naturally catch some overflow, with less work on my part in the process.

I’m still debating on whether to publish a post about my new service for fear of not being able to meet demand. Then one day in the middle of lunch I realized I had been sitting on top of a goldmine solution all this time without having a clue. Let me explain.


Read More

The Best Way To Deal With E-Mail Spam And Make More Money

Let E-Mail Spammers Make You More Money

by in Lifestyle on Feb 17th, 2014

I get about five unsolicited e-mails a day from PR companies and random folks asking me to pitch a product or click some link of theirs. The unsolicited e-mails wouldn’t be so bad if the sender at least addressed me by my name, followed my site, or mentioned something interesting in one of my posts. But when you get a “Hi Mr.” or a “Hey” or a nothing, e-mails start to become a drag.

If I get five spam e-mails a day, that’s roughly 7,500 spam e-mails since I started blogging. What a waste of finger energy and time, deleting them all or responding with a “No, thank you.” I’ve already demonstrated how you can earn passive income from comment spammers in a previous post, now I’m going to demonstrate how you can conceivably grow your blog’s readership and revenue over time with e-mail spammers.


The Best Way To Deal With Comment Spam And Impersonators

Let Spammers Boost Your Traffic And Make You More Money Online

by in Lifestyle on Feb 9th, 2014

Spammers are annoying, but thanks to technology we’ve got great tools like Akismet to keep most of them at bay. Furthermore, I’ve realized spammers can be a great way to earn passive income!

From a spammer’s point of view, if they can send out 1 million spam messages and just get 1% to go through due to an unsuspecting blogger or a hole in the spam protector, then the spammer is doing his job. 1% of 1 million is still 10,000 spam messages let loose in the world!

The Feds have cracked down on text spammers, blog spammers, and e-mail spammers over the years with increasing force. I remember one AOL spammer seven years ago facing 11 years in prison. On the fine side, each separate email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $16,000. See the FTC website for more. Being a professional spammer is not what you want to do for a living. Read More

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