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For bloggers engaging in plagiarism, whether through directly copying others or utilizing AI to generate spun content, caution is advised. The recent publicized case of Claudine Gay facing plagiarism accusations has stirred a response from Bill Ackman. Ackman is mobilizing his considerable resources to scrutinize academics at MIT and other institutions for potential plagiarism, employing AI to streamline the investigative process.

Following Business Insider and MIT’s pursuit of plagiarism charges against his wife, Neri Osman, Ackman is adopting a vigorous approach. With vast financial resources at his disposal, he could potentially fund the development of the next successful AI plagiarism detection startup. This development puts bloggers who engage in plagiarism and rely on AI-generated content under increased scrutiny.

Fighting Plagiarists of Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai has encountered thousands of instances of plagiarism in the past, with scraper sites regularly stealing and republishing articles word-for-word. Fortunately, search engines like Google and Bing are adept at identifying the original source, ensuring proper attribution in the majority of cases.

It’s anticipated that search engines will continue to evolve, becoming even more proficient at identifying and penalizing sites that plagiarize content. As a result, creators of original content can look forward to enhanced visibility in search rankings due to reduced competition from plagiarists.

Using AI to Generate Content at Scale

Utilizing AI to generate hundreds or thousands of articles for websites lacking established brands or history is predicted to be unsustainable in the long term. While AI can certainly be a valuable tool in content creation, its effectiveness is most pronounced when coupled with an already strong brand.

The overarching strategy should prioritize the long game — writing content that resonates with human readers rather than solely catering to search engine algorithms. If you have a habit of plagiarizing, I suggest you stop. Not only is it wrong, the search engines could easily punish your work and your site.

It’s not worth plagiarizing other people if you are blogging. The internet is open and for all to see.

The Future Of Claudine Gay

As for whether Claudine Gay should get a severance package if she is eventually let go, she probably will. The Harvard Corporation has been behind her all the way, so the very least they will do is give her a severance if they have to part ways.

But the best solution they’ve found is to have Claudine Gay return to her $900,000+/year job as a political science professor. Not bad.

Good luck!