Missed Opportunities of the Past

I use to be the kind of guy that would think of an idea or process but miss out on acting upon it.  Then later, I would read that someone else had since taken my idea (not intentionally, of course) and made the best of it.

Oh, the person never knew me, nor I them, but still it was basically the same idea that I thought of years before.  Obviously, the person thought of the idea too, but it irks me that I didn’t act on it when I had the chance.

My problem was that I grew up too careful with my finances and not taking enough beneficial risk in life.  Beneficial risk would be taking a risk for a high chance of reward.  Non-beneficial risk would be risk with no reward and unlimited downfall (including death).

Past Examples

I use to come up with inventions (simple ones mind you), and ideas for businesses that I never implemented.

During my college days, I played around with starting online businesses, but much to my chagrin never pursued it.  This is a shame, because even if those online businesses weren’t successful, I’m sure that the experience I would have gained would have helped me in my professional life.  I’m now sure that there would have been limitless upside value.  If I had taken such beneficial risk, perhaps people would be spending their time on Moneyface instead of Facebook (lol).  You don’t know if you don’t try!

I use to be a procrastinator, but really, life is too short to be one!  I don’t mind procrastinating nasty activities, but I never could figure out why I procrastinate the positive activities too.  For example, I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii for years, but I keep putting it off.  I read about other bloggers that have gone to Hawaii multiples times, and still all I do is read about their great adventures.  Shoot, even my grandmother has gone to Hawaii back in her day when she was till alive.  I just keep saying to myself, some day… some day.

Another thing that I regret is not going to more concerts when I was in my college years.  Some band have now disbanded and I will never experience those missed opportunities.

In my more recent history, I haven’t taken advantage of my excellent credit score to the fullest extent that I could have!  It’s not like I don’t understand the advantages!  I actually wrote a piece recently called “The Benefits of a High Credit Score” where I actually talked about the benefits of having an excellent credit score, but I’ve only used half  the benefits that I wrote about.  It never hurts to ask when you’re holding all the Aces…

The thing is sometimes you’ll have nothing to lose with low beneficial risk, and everything to gain.  In my high Credit Score example above, there is no risk in asking for a discount because of a high credit score!  Even if they say no, they aren’t going to lose a sale by turning you away.

Reasoning On Taking More Beneficial Risks

So what I would suggest is jump into something you feel strongly about and then accomplish it!  It’s important to realize that some opportunities have a limited shelf life, and once they are finished, they are finished forever, end of story!

You see, these opportunities will only get riskier after you have a family, much like water evaporating on a hot skillet with time!

So go out and try things before you are older and married with kids!  Avoid looking back regretting these missed opportunities by trying them now.  If whatever you try flops, at least you can say it wasn’t from lack of trying!

Thanks for reading my version of a Carpe Diem post!  Remember some risk is good no matter what the outcome!



Photo: Sleeping cat at Kualoa Ranch, Oahu by Sam, 2011.