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A terrific piece was penned by retired Navy SEAL Eric Greiten in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “An Inside Look At SEAL Sensibility“.  In the piece, Eric discusses what it takes to become a SEAL and why some people succeed while others fail.  Navy SEAL training is considered to be the most vigorous military training in the world.  And “Hell Week” is considered to be the most difficult week during the most difficult training.  Out of 220 people in the author’s class, only 21 people made it through.

So who are those that make it through?  Are they the buff jocks and visually apparent warriors?  Perhaps there are some.  However Eric writes, “Some men who seemed impossibly weak at the beginning of SEAL training—men who puked on runs and had trouble with pull-ups—made it. Some men who were skinny and short and whose teeth chattered just looking at the ocean also made it. Some men who were visibly afraid, sometimes to the point of shaking, made it too.

In other words, anybody can make it through the Challenge and there is no set mold.


In Eric’s interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said one thing that absolutely resonated with the Yakezie Network.  During the 2:45 minute mark of the interview, Eric discusses what it takes to survive during the hardest days of training.

What makes SEALs special is not just their physical strength, its their mental and moral strength.  In those moments of hypothermia, if you just start thinking about your own self, you will collapse and quit. But if at that moment, when you’re facing great pain and great challenge, you are able to think about the person to the left and right who need you, then you find the strength to go on. That’s what it takes to build this great team.

Making it through the 6 month Yakezie Challenge is cupcakes in comparison.  However, practically everything is cupcakes compared to Navy SEALs training!  You can replace blogging with dancing, music, racing, singing, and working for they each have their challenges, and many people give up too soon.  As soon as we start thinking about how we can help others, we are rejuvenated with a new capsule of energy to continue on.


If you focus too much about the monetary aspect of your endeavors, it will really start to alter all your motives.  There will be a point where money becomes all consuming, and you will inevitably lose interest in something which provided you so much joy to begin with.  Longevity is half the battle of achieving success.  Actually, longevity could be even more.

You’ve got to constantly be evaluating what you are working towards.  Some do things for pride, while others do things for money.  At the heart of the Yakezie Network is simply a community of like-minded individuals who aspire to grow their sites, develop great relationships online and offline, and have a fantastic time in the process.  If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right!

What are the things that keep you going during difficult times?  Does money inevitably corrupt us all?  How do we stop this from happening?

Why do you whine and complain when there are so many things that are so much more difficult and you have the power to change?

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!