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Hi, My name is Jeff and I am the principal founder, chief writer and dictator-for-life at Sustainable Life Blog.  I started this blog in June of 2009, after deciding in January 2009 for the 4th or 5th (and last) time that I was going to get rid of my credit card debt as quickly as possible.  Soon, this morphed into getting rid of all debt as quickly as possible.

My Story

My debt free journey started pretty typically (although it was fairly early in life, thankfully).   I made money, and I spent money, but really didn’t keep track of its comings and goings.  I’d work plenty, but every once in a while I’d want to take some time (read: about a month) off of work.  I did ok, but usually I would be needing a check the day I went back to work, not 2 weeks later.  There came the credit cards.  

I would make a new years resolution every year to pay off my credit cards and then fail.  Every. Single. Year.  As you can imagine, this was trying and it got old.  Finally, I decided that there had to be a better way, so I went to the internet to find some tips/tricks.  I found the Simple Dollar first, and definitely got more  than I bargained for.  In about .34 seconds, I was hooked, and was following blogrolls and links in posts into the PF rabbit hole.  After reading these for about a year, I began toying with the idea of staring one, and finally I decided to go all in.  One of the things that I wanted to focus on (aside from finances) was the environment and health (both things I enjoy).

As I was reading many of these blogs, I noticed the frugal thing to do (like walking or biking instead of driving) was also better for the environment and better for your health.  I didnt feel like many bloggers gave these benefits the time of day, and thought I could shine some light on benefits of all three that people may not know or may have forgotten.

The journey has been enlightening so far to say the absolute least.  It went very up and down for a while, and I had a few times where there was more than 30 days between posts.  I always wanted to write more, but I lacked the time management skills (I probably still do).

The Yakezie

Finally, I found the Yakezie challenge and decided to join.  They asked for my alexa ranking and I didnt even know what that was at the time.  I looked it up, and it was 9,455,581.  That was a really high number, but I didn’t care.  I joined the challenge to hold myself accountable and find other great PF Blogs.  Along the way, I’ve been given incredible opportunities, learned a ton about web design and how much it actually takes to keep a self-hosted blog up and running.  It’s been work, but so much fun!  As of this writing my alexa ranking is 355,254.  I never thought a jump like that was even possible, but I owe it to all my fellow challenge members!

In my spare time I work a second job (to pay off debt), enjoy spending time outdoors doing all sorts of activities, write in my blog, and work on projects that I feel will help my community in some way.  I’ve got incredible roommates/friends/dog and I’m just waiting for the day that I’ll be debt free.  Once that happens, I’ll start plotting some new adventures!  I’m hoping to continue to grow my blog and turn it into a side income generator and continue to connect the dots between sustainability, health and finances.

My top posts:

  • The High Cost of Being a Moron – This delves into my first adventure of buying/selling a car.
  • It’s Called Personal Finance for a Reason – Another story about me and vehicles.  Why PF advice isn’t 1 size fits all