I cannot believe that I am (finally) writing my Yakezie member post. It’s been a really long, thorny and unstable road for me. What for some challengers usually takes six or eight months of the challenge, took me more than a year!

I was in and out of the blogging world sporadically. But every time I left, I was coming back. My husband, Beaker, told me once that I reminded him of a crazy person. He said “Do you know the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

I had to admit that I reminded myself of an insane person who obsessively opened and closed blogs. Looking back, I know what was driving me. I was (insanely) searching for my own writing voice and on-line personality.

Lessons I learned about myself while I was on this barb-wired road I call blogging were invaluable. I re-discovered myself in writing. I understood how I handled stress (or did not handle it.) I learned what is important and what is secondary. Most importantly, I learned how essential relationships, friendships and networking are in blogging.

I met and became friends with a lot of extraordinary people. Without support of those people, I would not be writing this post.

My blogger’s name is Aloysa, and I am the creator of My Broken Coin.

About Aloysa

I came to the United States debt free, and I managed to put myself into debt faster than a freshman in college. But while I was getting acquainted with American malls, banks, and credit cards, I did not lose my focus on the important stuff. Education. Career. In the end, I have a great job that supports my bad spending habits with a good paycheck. However, sadly for the banks, and luckily for my wallet, I am trying to change it.

English is my third language. When I came to the United States, it took me about a year to learn this oh-not-so-easy learnable language. It took me many more years of constant experimenting to find my writing voice.

I believe that we all have the ability to create. The difference is how we use this ability. I chose writing.

It takes a lot of courage and even more of self-doubt to openly say what you think, or to express an opinion that is not necessarily in the mainstream. I have huge respect and tremendous admiration for personal finance bloggers who write about their lives on the Internet. They create a personal finance world that provides a tremendous value. (You guys are unstoppable!)

My Broken Coin

Aloysa is not my real name. But somehow it became my middle (imaginary) name.

I blog anonymously. Some like it hot. Some like it nameless but with a lot of personality. Anonymity gives me freedom to write and express myself without looking over my shoulder, thinking that someone who knows me in real life might be reading about my personal issues and financial struggles.

I am very honest and open on my blog. The epitome of my honesty was my article on Get Rich Slowly where I admitted to financial infidelity in my previous marriage. It is amazing what being truthful and openly acknowledging your mistakes does for you. It frees you!

On My Broken Coin I write about life (mostly mine) and finances (also mostly mine.) My blog will not teach you how to become rich. However I might give you my personal but not innovative advice on how to save your hard earned money: stop spending, or spend less than you make, or, as a last resort, get rid of cable. Not original? I know… but it works!

I will not preach frugality because I am a spender. I cannot teach something that I do not live. I love spending money because it makes me feel good. Yes, I’ve got some issues. However, from time to time I might argue that material things are there to destroy us emotionally, spiritually, and financially. It is up to you to believe me or not. Personally I am always full of self-doubt. I attribute it to being human.

I will not tell you how to save for retirement because I assume that adults read my blog. Children cannot nor should not relate to my writings. However, adults should understand simple and basic strategies of how, when and where to save for retirement. If you are an adult and you don’t know what retirement is all about, you should not be reading my blog. Or any other personal finance blogs. You should go back to school.

Why should you read a blog of a spender, a self-doubter and otherwise not useful or respectable personal finance blogger?

I will give you five reasons:

Reason 1: I create music with my words … not really… but I do try!
Reason 2: I might cause a chuckle or two in your belly.
Reason 3. I write fun stuff.
Reason 4: I write sad stuff too.
Reason 5: I might inspire you to write, blog, talk, laugh, cry and keep on going.

Thanks for stopping by!

Photo: Escaping from Alcatraz, SD.