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The Yakezie Network was created in December 2009 as a way to help new and old bloggers alike grow their platforms, connect with others, and become the best bloggers possible. Over the years, the Yakezie has become the largest, most collaborative personal finance network on the web. It takes eight months on average to get into the Network, as each Member must build relationships and stick to a minimum posting schedule of two to four times a week.

Given the standards of the Network, the quality of our Members is second to none. We have a collective reach in the millions of pageviews a month, and have the ability to create a movement to bring awareness about your product or business in general.

Creating a product is just the first step in sales. You can have the best new product, but if nobody knows about it, you will not get very far. This is where online marketing comes in. As the creator of my own product, I know what it’s like to put everything into something special, and then put even more effort into marketing to make sure the world knows. Many other Members of the Network have extensive marketing experience as well.

Marketing is not just about placing advertisements on relevant sites to get your product known. Generating awareness is about getting some of the leading personal finance authorities to test, understand, and write about your product to create a genuine discussion. For three years, hundreds of clients have directly come to us, now we’re pleased to open up our services to all of you.

Think of the Yakezie Network as an interactive PR company with capabilities to directly influence thousands of people.


* Buzz Marketing. With over 100 Members strong, each one of us has our own platform of readers and social media followers who have followed us for years. As a client, you are able to tap into our Network of Networks, where we not only write about your product, but also Tweet, Google+, Like, and share your product to the web. We also welcome multi-media content such as video and podcasting.

* Organic Recurring Traffic. Recurring, natural traffic is crucial for all businesses, especially as internet penetration and search engine usage continues to grow around the world. The key to good organic growth is having believers of your product sing your praises in a tasteful way all throughout the web. We are strong believers that great products with strong content should rise to the top of the charts. As personal finance bloggers, we are always looking for products and services that will improve the lives of our readers. We won’t work with everybody, only with clients who are most congruent in our beliefs.

* Charitable / Social Initiatives. Our Network’s core belief is to help others and give back to the community. We want to work with organizations looking to champion a great cause. There are a tremendous amount of injustices in the world that need more awareness. For example, there are some 140,000 homeless veterans in America. Meanwhile, there are almost 1 billion hungry or malnourished people in the world, 200 million of which are children. We in the media have a responsibility to use our voices to help. It is our duty to speak for those who do not have the opportunity.


Our ideal clients are those who have fantastic products that can improve the financial well-being of people everywhere. Clients should have a strong social mission in addition to business. When we see a company or organization offer more value than price, we know there could be a great fit because that is exactly how we operate in the Yakezie Network.

Examples of some ideal clients:

Financial Institutions

* A banking organization with superior savings and CD rates in this low interest rate environment.

* A social lending company who allows honest borrowers to access money where they otherwise couldn’t due to financial mishaps in order to keep their homes, further their education, or feed their families.

* An online mortgage company who, because of low overhead, can provide some of the lowest mortgage rates in a reasonable time period. Furthermore, such online mortgage company can cut through the red tape and allow for quicker refinancing.


* A movie producer who just spent $150 million on the next blockbuster about the atrocities of World War II who wants to make sure our youth never forgets our past.

* A TV producer who is launching a new pilot on ABC who needs as much viral marketing as possible to get the show picked up for a full season.

Government And Charity

* A government who wants to actively promote healthier eating habits and exercise to ameliorate the burden on their healthcare system.

* A charitable organization operating in the far reaches of the world who desperately needs to raise awareness and financial support for the genocide that is occurring every day.

Small Businesses

* A mother who is starting a small business looking to bring Eastern products to the West but is frustrated with trying to advertise on her own through Adwords and Facebook Likes.

* A health food company who has not only created a tasty organic snack, but carries 50% less calories than its leading competitors.


In a world full of systems and automation, the Yakezie Network provides a personal touch that makes negotiating, launching, and executing your campaign easy.

Here are our promises:

* Responsiveness. We will respond to all inquiries with 36 hours or less.

* Personal touch. We will make sure we understand your desires from the very beginning and make sure every campaign is handled properly from start to finish.

* Reassurance. We will ensure payments are made only after an action has been placed. We will check with each participating blog that all actions are correct.

* Relevance. We will ensure the right blogs match your product or cause to ensure maximum relevance.

* Efficient. We pride ourselves on getting together a campaign proposal within five to seven days.

If you want an efficient way to get exposure to your product or cause, simply fill out the simple form below and don’t forget to press the SUBMIT button. We will get back to you within 36 hours to let you know whether we can help. Feel free to also e-mail me at sam at yakezie dot com once complete.



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