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Whether you are hoping to find a way to catch your favorite program when you can’t be home or you want to record that awesome game happening today so you can watch it again, DVR service is something many people want and need to have in their homes. A DVR, or digital video recorder, provides a simple, easy to use tool that makes it easy for users to record programming at virtually any time. And now, DirecTV is making it even easier for users to have access to this must-have device. You’ll never have to miss a show again.

What Is DVR?

A digital video recorder is a device that allows the user to record programming for later viewing. Depending on the type, these will record video into a digital format, such as to an SD card, USB flash drive, or disk drive. The latest devices are incredibly easy to use. Users simply access the DVR system through their television or computer (again, depending on the type and the location it is used in) and toggle through a set of programming options. Nearly all television shows available through programming are listed.

Once the individual finds a television show he or she is interested in, with a few clicks to set it up, the device will automatically begin to record that show at the set time. The process works similar to VCR setting, a common way to record television shows in the 80s and 90s. However, this is more advanced providing individuals with access to these shows virtually at any time the user wants to watch them. And, the quality is much better than older methods.

How Has DirecTV Made It Even Better?

Users who have DirecTV (and those who want better DVR service who switch to this provider) will find that they have an improved method to viewing programs later. The company now offers the ability for satellite subscribers to stream recorded content, not to just televisions, but also to PCs and to any iOS devices they have. This is all done over a WiFi connection. WiFi connections, which can be accessed both inside or out of the home, provide the user with the capability of record anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

Users with DirecTV now can stream this content virtually anywhere. Additionally, the company is working on the same type of service for Mac and Android devices later this year.

What does this mean to the average user? It means that users get to take their DVR content with them anywhere. They can connect to DVR’ed content in the car, at home, at work, or even in the middle of a busy mall. Now, there is always a way to watch the content you want to watch, as long as there is an Internet connection to allow for it.

This feature allows DirecTV users to have access to content faster, easier, and on-demand. The GenieGO, as the device is called, allows users to fast forward commercials. It allows for use of Sling technology and Hopper features, both of which enhance the experience of the DVR user.