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What is Up Yakezites! I have commented on almost every single member’s blog at least once (but most likely way too many times), however if you don’t know me I’m Evan from My Journey to Millions.

A Little Bit About Evan

I am a happily married twenty eight year old on Long Island.  While I do use a good amount of gel, I don’t talk with that awful accent nor have I ever visited a tanning salon (and I never will).

The Wife and I are currently expecting our first child, a boy, and name selection is under intense negotiations.  Rounding out the household is our 4 pound dog who may have us better trained then the other way around.

Currently I am a director in a financial planning firm assisting 40 to 50 financial planners with insurance planning, estate planning, business succession issues, etc., and I honestly can say I love my job.  I also run a tiny law practice focused on trust and estate issues.

I don’t think I write about any one thing too much.  I try to juggle between tax posts,insurance planning posts, my personal situation and very often some random rants and political ideas.  I was once told that my writing style is “slightly contentious” which often leads to some interesting comments and discussions (usually ending with me being called names).  It was embarrassing, but I had to look up the word “contentious.”

Why I started My Journey to Millions?

Unlike some bloggers, I didn’t have a rock bottom moment.  I didn’t look at myself in the mirror and break down.  So after reading and commenting on personal finance blogs for years I decided why the hell shouldn’t I be the one writing.

My personal finance life was ordinary, and I needed to be held accountable to someone, anyone (even if it was only that first 15 or so a day) to reach that extraordinary level.   I was newly married and The Wife and I had a good amount of credit card debt but enough savings to cover it if need be.

So it was a warm August night when my site went live, and I have been addicted since.

  • I like tweaking the site,
  • I like learning about modern websites,
  • I love how it forces me to categorize my research, and
  • I LOVE COMMENTS and interacting with all those that visit my site

What I have Learned about Running My Journey to Millions

There are a lot of correlations between the lessons I learned from blogging and ‘real life.’

The main lesson I have learned is that it is easier to know thyself and try to create systems to help you excel rather then fit your proverbial round self into a square peg.  For me, I needed to be held accountable to someone, even if it was 30 some odd readers per day in the first month of the blog.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  There are a ton of bloggers who know a lot more than you or I, but you may be lucky enough to find one that is willing to help you out.   Just ask. This goes for ‘real life’ also!  If you don’t understand something (and want to understand it) then its your responsibility to figure it out or ask someone who does.

Lastly, you have to keep focused.  Both blogging and long term goals need and deserve patience.   There are only a select few bloggers that are able to grow exponentially, so if you aren’t one of them take it slow.  Similarly, you didn’t grow that debt over night so don’t expect to eliminate it over night.

Thank you to Yakezie

Thank you fellow members and Financial Samurai for Yakezie.  It has been great so far!  Yakezie has introduced me to a ton of blogs that I had never seen before, even providing me the opportunity to help some out which felt great.

Looking to learn how to start your own profitable website? Check out my step-by-step guide on how to start a blog. It’s one of the best things I did in 2009 to help earn extra money and break free from Corporate America!

Updated for 2017 and beyond.