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Welcome to the Yakezie Lifestyle vertical.  We plan to showcase posts by people who are leading “unconventional” lives.  Money is only a means to an end, which is more often than not a desire for a better lifestyle.  Our aim is to bring the two genres of personal finance and lifestyle design together, thereby creating new synergies in the space.

There is a general trend towards minimalism, world travel, and the generation of online income in the lifestyle space.  The theory goes that if you can make a thousand US dollars a month, you can do anything, and see everything in the world.  Coincidentally, one of our goals in the Yakezie is to either earn $1,000 a month in online revenue, or $1,000 a month more in incremental revenue.  As such, there is an opportunity to bring these two dominant spaces together and learn from each other.

If you are a lifestyle blogger, feel free to contact me or any one of the Yakezie members.  We’d love to hear from you and start a partnership.



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