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Yakezie Member Post: Joel from Credit Card Chaser

by in Lifestyle on Mar 15th, 2011
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Even though I enjoy writing, and do so in the first person as is typical when blogging, I certainly fit the mold of the stereotypical introverted Internet nerd in that I am much more comfortable talking/writing about any subject other than – me! While many of my hundreds of different websites revolve around dry financial […]

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Gambling With Your life

by in Lifestyle on Jan 19th, 2011
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Is it time for you to take some risks? As many of you know, in addition to rambling about how to buy a car, I’m a bit of a poker junkie.  I find it both intellectually stimulating and a mildly profitable hobby.  It’s also a great source of personal finance analogies! Professional poker players and […]

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Earning a Living Doing What You Love

by in Lifestyle on Jan 9th, 2011
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If you follow Consumerism Commentary, and I hope you do, you might have seen that I recently left the company I’ve worked for during the day for the past eight years. Since 2003 but particularly in the past few years, Consumerism Commentary has been a side project — even though I often contributed more than […]

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Yakezie Lifestyle

by in Lifestyle on Aug 14th, 2010
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Welcome to the Yakezie Lifestyle vertical.  We plan to showcase posts by people who are leading “unconventional” lives.  Money is only a means to an end, which is more often than not a desire for a better lifestyle.  Our aim is to bring the two genres of personal finance and lifestyle design together, thereby creating […]

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  • Untemplater: Lots of valid points! So true that bloggers are a minority of overall readership, so blogging to much...
  • Bingo: You are spot on. Most of our bloggers are white people living on the coasts, where half the population of...
  • Financial Samurai: Hi Jim – Nice to hear from you. It was too much work running Yakezie. Too many people wanted...
  • Actually Retired: It’s fascinating how 95% of FIRE bloggers are not financial independent and have no...
  • Jim: Hi Sam It’s great your redirecting your focus. I’ve been following you since early 2010 – I even had a...
  • Dan: It definitely makes sense to brand yourself as an early retirement blogger nowadays, even if you’re nowhere...
  • Untemplater: Yay FIRE blogger Sam! :) I think it’s awesome you’ve been blogging since 2009 and that...
  • Jagriti Singh: If done the proper research on the market and the specific ways we want to invest, real estate has the...
  • Untemplater: Awesome job doing your migration! I was a stress case when I did mine and had a lot of bugs to iron out....
  • Untemplater: Congrats on your big hits! That is super impressive to get highlighted like that on Twitter and then to...

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