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Do You Live For Money Or Use Money To Live?

Do You Live For Money Or Use Money To Live? Thumbnail

With all of this focus on money, it is important to step back every once in a while and think about why we do it. People often ask “foodies” whether they eat to live or live to eat. The same thing can be applied to money. Do we work to live or live to work? Do we live for money or use money to live?

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Keeping up with the Joneses? More Like Winning!

by in Personal Finance on Dec 10th, 2010
Keeping up with the Joneses? More Like Winning! Thumbnail

Determined to improve your family’s finances? Learn how to motivate, organize, and succeed in keeping your financial goals.

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The Value of a Clean Room

The Value of a Clean Room Thumbnail

The following is a member post from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, where she covers spending, savings, and the fun stuff along the way. In the Beginning I am generally a little messy. I had the classic scary room that teenagers are known for. I’ve discovered the weird fuzzy stuff that grows in […]

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Control Your Cash Book Review And Giveaway

Control Your Cash Book review

Control Your Cash is a great personal finance book written by Yakezie beta challengers Greg McFarlane and Betty Kincaid. The book covers a range of personal finance topics – bank accounts, credit cards, credit score, investing, securities, buying a car, buying a home, budgeting, taxes and entrepreneurship.

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Welcome To The Yakezie!

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Dear Friends, Welcome to the beginning of a great new initiative. was created after our little group of personal finance bloggers grew to almost 100 in a matter of six months.  Who would have known there are so many like-minded people out there looking to improve their presence and meet new people.  There is […]

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  • Untemplater: There are a lot of bloggers out there who focus on small stuff like should you or should you not spend...
  • Derek: It’s fascinating how some bloggers continue to just mindlessly pump out affiliate content. It’s clear they are...
  • Untemplater: Lots of valid points! So true that bloggers are a minority of overall readership, so blogging to much...
  • Bingo: You are spot on. Most of our bloggers are white people living on the coasts, where half the population of...
  • Financial Samurai: Hi Jim – Nice to hear from you. It was too much work running Yakezie. Too many people wanted...
  • Actually Retired: It’s fascinating how 95% of FIRE bloggers are not financial independent and have no...
  • Jim: Hi Sam It’s great your redirecting your focus. I’ve been following you since early 2010 – I even had a...
  • Dan: It definitely makes sense to brand yourself as an early retirement blogger nowadays, even if you’re nowhere...
  • Untemplater: Yay FIRE blogger Sam! :) I think it’s awesome you’ve been blogging since 2009 and that...
  • Jagriti Singh: If done the proper research on the market and the specific ways we want to invest, real estate has the...

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