Announcing The Winners Of The 4th Yakezie Writing Contest!

by in Writing Contest on Jul 10th, 2012

First of all, I want to congratulate everyone who entered the latest Yakezie Writing Contest.  Making an effort is far better than sitting on the sidelines.  Although not everybody can win, it’s guaranteed “you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” said hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.  From each loss comes a lesson which can be utilized for the next attempt.

The race was pretty close until the last couple days when Tyler of “Definitions Of Wealth” went into marketing overdrive to ensure a victory.  He reached out to family and friends, wrote on his blog, participated in forums and directly asked for votes.  I even had a close relative e-mail me telling him how hard he worked!

Congratulations to Tyler for winning the 4th Yakezie Writing Contest with a first place prize of $500!  You did well to understand that producing good work is only one part of the equation.  The other part is marketing yourself effectively.  This is a lesson that all of us learn at work, when writing a book, or starting a business.

Second place goes to Brian, author of “Please Believe In The Man I May Become.”  Brian pens a visceral post that discusses his frustration with a critical father.  He reminded me of my own relatively strict upbringing and many of the comments said the same.  I’m sure you’re going to do great Brian.  Our parents just want what’s best for us!  In 10 years time, you can give your dad a hard time in his older age.  Congrats on your second place prize of $300!

Third place goes to Erinn, author of “Doey.”  Doey is a heart-felt story of a brother who disappointed the family when he was younger but grew up to be a responsible man, father, and brother.  What a fantastic story about hope and love.  Congrats on your third place prize of $200!

Finalists, please send your Paypal address or respective full names and addresses to the ywc AT yakezie DOT com e-mail address.  Please also promise to use the funds for educational purposes only in your e-mail.  Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you Yakezie Members for your contributions!  The next Yakezie Writing Contest will be in early 2013.

We’ll now be reverting back to our normal posting schedule on personal finance, lifestyle, and blogging!


The Yakezie Writing Contest Committee

The Yakezie Writing Contest is the Yakezie Network’s charitable initiative to support the education of people everywhere.  We believe education is one of the most valuable assets a person can have.  To learn more about the Yakezie Writing Contest, please click the link.  All funds are raised from Yakezie Members and donated directly to the winning contestants.  We are not a non-profit organization.  

Please Believe In The Man I May Become

2012 Yakezie Writing Contest Finalist

You’re not good enough!

I hate these words.

I hate these words because my father says them to me all the time.  When I got cut from the high school varsity basketball team, my father looked at the floor and said, “Guess you’re just not good enough,” and walked away.  At six foot five inches tall, my father towers over me by six inches.  I knew every time he saw me, he was ashamed that I wasn’t at least his height.

Stand up straight, damnit!  Eat your vegetables!

Every single admonition related to the fact that I was a failure.  My friends came over after dinner one evening and I told them of my situation.  Like all good friends do, they picked me up, literally one by my hands and the other by my feet and started to pull.

We’re going to stretch you until you’re taller!  Don’t worry!

They spent 15 minutes contorting my body into a taught rope.  All I could feel were my shoulder sockets burn from the pull.  “Grab my head and pull instead!“, I told one friend who had my hands.  POP, POP, POP went the vertebrae in my neck like a chiropractic adjustment.

Afterward, my friends eagerly placed a book above my head and drew a line to see whether I had grown.  No such luck.  I’ll always just be five feet eleven inches tall.

Friendship Is Blind Read More

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Name: James Solely

Birthday: September 15, 1991

Sex: Male

Interested In: Women

Religious Views: Atheist

Political Views: Other

Favourite Quotation: “I don’t like being out of the crowd. It’s lonely within a group.” – Julie Walters

Friends: 986

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Family Traits

2012 Yakezie Writing Contest Finalist

Claire threw her head back in laughter at a joke about the dead. I sat in stunned silence as I saw my grandmother’s smile on her face. When the meal came, they both pulled out their napkins, letting them drift to their laps like a fall leaf drifting onto the cool sidewalk. When someone brought up the coming election and the merits of their candidate, both raised their eyebrows, looking to the side and let out a guttural, “Well…”

This should have made sense. Fifty-year-old Claire was my aunt, my grandmother’s daughter. The reason for my shock was that until this moment, they hadn’t seen each other since Claire was a babe in arms.

Claire isn’t the only one who shares common tendencies with her mother. Grandma and I both love to laugh, mostly at terribly dark humor. We love to contemplate the nature of our existence. We are prone to forgiveness, even if it is to our own detriment. We are also stubborn. We insist on learning our lessons the hard way, even when logic dictates to us that it would be easier to take heed of the advice from those who have walked our paths before us. Oh, and we both had a child out of wedlock. Read More


2012 Yakezie Writing Contest Finalist

She’ll never really know how she changed him because she didn’t know him before. But I did. And I didn’t like him. I loved him, but I didn’t like him.

When we were kids I called him “Doey” because I couldn’t say his name right yet. And it drove him crazy. Of course he got me back a couple years later when “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” came out. He would sing it to me constantly and I’d always yell back, “That song isn’t me! I can be wrong! I can be wrong!”

He was a social butterfly, anywhere we went, even a hotel for one night, and he’d make friends. I preferred to practice handstands in the hotel pool alone, while him and his new friends would splash around with a Nerf football in the other end. But I always knew that I was more special to Joey than all his new friends. Him and I had an impenetrable bond, glued together by years of playing “Ginger Alert!” with our dog outside, rolling down the stairs in the bottom of sleeping bags, or avoiding dad when he was inevitably drunk again. Read More

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