I’m Jackie Beck, and I post 5 days a week over at MoneyCrush, which focuses on the emotional aspects of money and on learning to love your financial life in the process.

I’m in my early 40s, married to a very patient and encouraging man, and have a son who’ll be graduating from high school this spring.

Yay for Yakezie!

It’s been great to be a part of the Yakezie group — which I first heard about thanks to one of Sam’s many provocative posts that may or may not have made me sputter. I love the idea of promoting others (especially on twitter), and enjoy seeing so many different perspectives, trading comments, and learning from one another.

A Little Background
I’ve been three things for close to as long as I can remember: a writer, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

I can remember being a little kid at my grandma’s house, using up all her notebooks and scratch paper as I scribbled “words” on them and drew accompanying pictures. I know I had some idea of what they were supposed to mean, but no one else did. Luckily, I have a very encouraging grandma, because not only did she not get upset, she let me tape up everything I’d made all over her kitchen.

I also started my first “business” in the 2nd grade — and moved on to many that were actually profitable from there. Of course, there were several that weren’t profitable as well — and I’m sure there’ll be more of both kinds to come. That’s just a part of being a doer-of-miscellaneous things (aka an entrepreneur.)

Joining the Personal Finance Blogging World
My husband and I were both married previously, and were both pretty much on the same track financially when we got together — we were getting out of debt, and ready to get our lives back in order and on a positive path. So naturally I took a personal finance book (Your Money or Your Life) with me when we went on vacation.

That book completely inspired me; so much so that I immediately began tracking my spending while on the vacation. When we got back, I began poking around on the internet to see if there were any forums on the subject. I found the (then-small) personal finance blogging world instead. Since I’d been wanting to make it a practice to write daily, I decided a PF blog was the way to go because it would kill two birds with one stone — keeping me focused on improving my finances while meeting my writing goal. This was back in 2006.

My first (anonymously-written) blog stayed small, for years, but I kept writing anyway. Finally I decided to start over with a fresh new blog and my real name. MoneyCrush was born in October of 2009.

Financial Goals
I’m very big on goals of all types — and on persisting in doing what it takes to meet those goals. So naturally I have a few financial goals. First, of course, my husband and I are working to get our house paid off by the end of 2011. That’s a very big goal for us. I’m not quite sure exactly how we will accomplish it yet, but I believe that we will. Hopefully my second big goal will help with that: greatly increasing my income. As part of that strategy (and because we’re just so darn happy to be debt-free-but-the-house) I created a debt snowball app for the iPhone and Android phones called Pay Off Debt.

The Future
I hope folks who read my blog come away feeling empowered and inspired — and that they take action on something that’s important in their lives. I hope to continue building relationships and getting to know new folks in the process. And of course, to reach my goals and help others do the same.

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