My Secret Financial Desire For The Yakezie Network Thumbnail

As you may or may not know, the goals of the Yakezie network are the noble Writing Contest cause, and the selfless support of the members within!

But I have a secret desire for the Yakezie network too!  And that desire is… (drum-roll, please…) continuous financial improvement and learning additional knowledge in diverse subject matter.  As a financial blogger, I believe I have game, but I admit that I don’t know everything. (gasp)!

Sometimes, past financial beliefs that I researched and found to be true, are potentially no longer the optimal solution today!  The beauty of the Yakezie network is that we have a diverse group of financial bloggers from various backgrounds and at various stages of life and they can serve as a checking system for financial thoughts, ideas and beliefs!

With such a diverse financial networks means that with all of financially oriented eyes, the Yakezie members collectively have seen most financial products and have experience with those instruments!  The Yakezie Network may be the definitive resource for all financial questions and situations!

For instance. I recently post an article at Money Reasons about my best credit card.  The card that I blogged about is my meat and potatoes reward credit card, that I use for everything!  And while it’s still a decent card, I got some great comments (from Everyday Tips and Thoughts, Thousandaire and Roshawn Watson) that made me decide to research the additional great cards that they mentioned.

Now just because these great bloggers mentioned potentially better options than I currently have, I still need to do my due diligence and make sure those cards that they mention are a good fit for me in my current stage of life!

Another great way that I benefit is from the Yakezie Carnivals!  Recently, I had the honor of hosting the December 5th Carnival!  After receiving many email submissions for inclusion into the Carnival, I had to go to each blog site for their title, and to read each post that I want was to include!

During the reading sessions for the inclusions of the various personal finance bloggers in the Yakezie, I was amazed at how much I was learning in the process!  For instanced, I never realized that coupons were made famous by Coca Cola (Thanks Amanda at Frugal Confessions!

So in addition to gaining financial refinement by reading individual blogs in the Yakezie Network, I occasionally like to skip through the Yakezie Carnivals to read some of the best articles of the best blogs within the Yakezie Network!

I also have to admit, I enjoy my semi-secret voyeurism into other, more open, member blogger’s finances!  It always amazes me when I see how much a seasoned pf blogger such as Flexo at Consumerism Commmentary makes in a given month!  Not only is it inspirational, it’s also fun to experience his growth in wealth vicariously!

Other information to be learned takes longer than a quick single read on a post.  For example, being a long time reader of certain financial sites, I know some fact that other might not know.  While it’s mildly interesting, it is amazing to see how they progress.

So there you have it! What other expectations do you have for the Yakezie Network?