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How To Stop Your Career Or Business From Failing By Avoiding The Big Dig Mentality

by in Personal Finance on Jan 12th, 2012

For those of you who have never heard of the “Big Dig”, I learned about it in business school. I graduated before the project reached completion. According to Wikipedia: “The Big Dig was the most expensive highway project in the U.S. and was plagued by escalating costs, scheduling overruns, leaks, design flaws, charges of poor […]

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Passed Over For A Promotion And No Raise

by in Personal Finance on Dec 18th, 2011

One reason why people start hating their jobs is because they’ve been passed over for some less-than-deserving mortal.  Others start resenting their jobs because they didn’t get the raise they were expecting, despite the new hire making 20% more!  Bitterness pervades, and things go downhill quickly if the situation is not addressed. So what happens […]

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Do You Really Want To Know How Much Others Make?

by in Personal Finance on Dec 12th, 2011
Do You Really Want To Know How Much Others Make? Thumbnail

In Western society, we tend to be so secretive about how much money we make at work and at our other endeavours. Talking about money is taboo, in part because relationships can change and people can act funny once they know the truth. It can be tricky to know when you can talk about how […]

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The Best Time To Work To Maximize Your Profits And Career

The Best Time To Work To Maximize Your Profits And Career Thumbnail

It always perplexes me why everybody tries to get off of work at 5pm.  Traffic is backed up and tempers flare for those looking to escape San Francisco.  It could literally take 30 minutes just to get onto the Bay Bridge at 5pm.  Meanwhile, if you left at 4pm or stayed a little later until […]

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If You Are Smart, You Can Get a Job

This summer, I went through the career search process for first time since my senior year of college three years ago. I knew that I’d have to send out plenty of resumes, reach out to some connections, and follow up relentlessly on opportunities that I wanted. But I also knew that I was a smart person so once […]

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If You Want To Get Rich, Stop Messing Around!

If You Want To Get Rich, Stop Messing Around! Thumbnail

After three open houses and a couple hours of analysis, I thought I picked the top 5 rental candidates with the best financial records, but I was wrong.  All was fine until my fourth and last open house when a 28 year old single guy who graduated from CalTech came in and applied.  He is […]

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I Quit My Job, and I Couldn’t Be Happier!

I Quit My Job, and I Couldn’t Be Happier! Thumbnail

When not taking care of her three children, Melissa spends her time writing and blogging at Mom’s Plans where she documents her family’s attempts to learn to live a fulfilling life on less.  She also blogs at Dining Out Challenge where the motto is, “Never pay full price to dine out again.” The Beginning Long ago, […]

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How Much Money Would It Take For You To Change Jobs?

by in Personal Finance on Sep 12th, 2011
How Much Money Would It Take For You To Change Jobs? Thumbnail

Last year I was offered a tempting opportunity to join another firm. They offered a 50% pay raise, and guaranteed money for two years. The job was with a start up that was trying to make a big splash.  In the end, I decided to stay with my existing company of over a decade because […]

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