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by in Featured on Apr 17th, 2014

There’s a famous expression often used to explain your crappy old car: “it gets me from A to B”. What an intriguing little phrase. It makes getting from one point to another sound remarkably easy: it only requires a battered old banger to achieve it.

In my personal life, I have found the reality of the journey from A to B much more challenging. In fact, I have all too often found getting from point A to point B very difficult indeed. I wouldn’t need an old beat up motor, but instead a top of the range brand new v8!

First of all, let’s have a look at why getting from A to B is important. For me, this part is quite simple – there must be something at point B that we really want or need. To succeed in life, we need to reach our desired destination – whatever or wherever this may be. We need to get from where we currently are (point A) to where we want to be (point B). However, there are many potential points of failure in this journey. From my experience, these potential failure points can be summarized into five parts:

  1. Not understanding where you are (point A)
  2. Not knowing where you want to end up (point B)
  3. Not appreciating why you want to get there
  4. Not setting off on your journey (not taking any action)
  5. Not mapping out how you’re going to get there

I’m British.

I’ve failed many times in my life.

Saying these two things is almost a contradiction in terms. Not because the British don’t fail. Oh no, quite the opposite. Failure is a huge taboo in Britain and this is an extremely dangerous flaw in our national persona. By not accepting failure, we cannot understand why we failed. We cannot learn how to avoid this failure in the future. Ironically, the lack of this learning cycle leads to more, you guessed it, failure!

Therefore, what better way to start my Yakezie journey than to publicly humiliate myself and share some of my many failures under each of these categories! Read More


Yakezie Member Post: Luke1428 Born Out of Inspiration

1H2014 Class

by in Featured on Apr 14th, 2014

Who inspires you?

Is that too serious a question to begin a Yakezie new member post? Perhaps, but it’s extremely relevant for me because I think about this every time I sit down to write. Dwelling on this keeps my writing focused on my mission. Above all, as noted here on Yakezie recently, it allows writing to be fun, knowing that it serves a higher purpose than just benefiting me.

In case you don’t know, my name is Brian and I blog at a site called Luke1428. For those wondering where that name came from, you can find the short story behind it here. It certainly fits with all things related to personal finance and successfully pursuing life goals once you understand the context.

To answer the question, I derive my inspiration from four sources. Those of you that have followed my writing know Luke1428 has a religious bent to it’s content. I am a Christian and work my thoughts into some of my writing, most notably my Hidden Nuggets Series, which highlights money related themes from the Bible and their relationship to contemporary cultural issues. My relationship with God has been a true blessing in my life and I think about what might or might not honor Him every time I write.

My faith teaches me that one of my highest callings is to serve others. That’s a huge reason I started writing in the first place. Nothing can be more personally gratifying than giving of oneself to touch other people’s lives. Knowing that the words I write may impact someone for good keeps me inspired each day.

I have four awesome pieces of inspiration, scurrying around our home. Right now, it’s raining on our school’s first day of spring break and they are all downstairs watching TV, keeping it quiet so this can be written without distraction. (Ahh…the quietness of a house with four kids is a moment to cherish.) Even more so to cherish though, is the gratification I receive knowing my words are being taken in by their little eyes and ears eager to learn about life and money.

My last source of inspiration has been with me for 18 years. She’s the reason my blog exists. And it wasn’t due to her words only…her actions were truly inspiring. Read More


Yakezie Theta Membership Class Is Now Open!

1H2014 Class

by in Featured on Mar 5th, 2014

Greetings all Challengers! For those of you who joined the challenge before August 1, 2013 please fill out the questionnaire to be considered a Yakezie Theta Class Member. If you are within 30 days short of the six month period, you should still apply for consideration as this process takes about a month. If you are beyond 30 days short, please wait for the next class.

The form will likely take anywhere from 15-30 minutes so please save your work and scroll down to the very bottom and click submit. The questionnaire will be open until March 22, 2014. To help ensure everyone submits before the deadline, I’d like for every Challenger to ping another Challenger to fill out the form. Late submissions will not be accepted given the amount of logistics this process entails.

The Yakezie Membership committee will review each application and send out notifications by end of September to begin writing a Member Post or continue the challenge for the next class. If there are some holes in your application, please use the time until the deadline to work on your holes. Read More


Yakezie Member Post: MoneySmartGuides

by in Personal Finance on Nov 27th, 2013

When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know what a blog was. In fact, my blog started off as a non-blog website. I wanted to teach people about personal finance, something that I have been passionate about since my high school economics class.

Ever since that fateful class, my main focus has been finance: I majored in it in college, all of my jobs have been in the financial services industry, and I have my master’s degree in finance.

About My Blog Read More

Reaching Financial Independence Yakezie Member Post

Yakezie Eta Class

by in Featured on Nov 18th, 2013

Bonjour Yakezie!! I am super happy to be here today, although to be honest it feels a bit weird to be alone in front of you all. I am an introvert, and don’t do very well in big groups, but thankfully this awesome group has been opening up to me so it feels safe and warm here. So thanks for having me!

Back to the point. Hi. My name is Pauline, and I blog at Reach Financial Independence. I am 33 and was born in Paris, France, that is where I graduated from business school over 10 years ago and where it all begins. I have always been the good girl. Good grades, no problems, I had half a dozen gigs in high school teaching the piano or tutoring kids while being top of my class, a girl scout, playing the organ at mass, and so on. College was the natural next step and off I went, living with scholarship money and another myriad of small jobs. But during the last year of business school, I started thinking about what was ahead, and dreaded that my life would be pretty much the same for the next 40 years. Wake up, commute, work, commute, sleep, rinse and repeat for 2,000 weeks. It was frightening before it even began.

Time For Something New Read More

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