Kevin McKee

Hello Yakezie brothers and sisters. I’m Kevin McKee from Thousandaire and this is my Yakezie Member Post.

I want to take this opportunity to talk about what makes my site unique and why I do things a little bit differently than any other site I’ve seen. Let’s start with the “why” first. I believe there is a huge untapped market for personal finance content. This market is so incredibly massive, and yet so blatantly ignored, that I believe anyone who can reach this audience will have no limit to their success as a personal finance writer and influencer.

This market is young people.

Personal Finance for Young People

Have you ever spent a minute to think about how different your life would be if you had all the financial information you have today when you were a teenager?

All the debt you could have avoided. All the savings you could have accumulated. All the money you spent on interest charges, late fees, and penalties that could still be in your pocket? We’ve all learned valuable lessons via our mistakes when we were young, but wouldn’t it have been nice to learn those lessons without actually paying for them?

You might be thinking, “Young people can find my blog just as well as people in their 30’s or 40’s can.” Of course young people CAN find financial information online; the problem is that most of them WON’T.

As a self-proclaimed young person (26 is still young, right?) I honestly wasn’t even sure what blogging was a year ago. And despite the fact that I have been financially independent since I was 18 and always had a strong interest in money and personal finance, I never once attempted to find information on these subjects online.

How to Reach the Young Person Market

I’m willing to bet that most young people use their computers the same way I used mine in college; check out pictures of the hot English major from class on Facebook, get football scores from, and watch stupid videos on Youtube. Maybe throw a little bit of homework in there too.

If we want to tap the average young person market, we need to stop expecting them to come to us and actively go to them. I believe the best way to appeal to the average young person is with humor, music or a combination of both.

That’s why I started Thousandaire. I write blog posts like any other Yakezie blog, but my site is unique because of the personal finance videos and songs that I’ve recorded. My goal is to mix personal finance with entertainment to the point where people aren’t sure whether they are learning or just having fun.

I could try to tell you all about what I’ve done, but I’d rather show you. I put together a video that includes clips from some of the best videos I’ve made over the past year.

My Yakezie Member Video

And before I get to the video, I just wanted to make the Yakezie Community aware of why I’ve put off my member post for so long. I did this because I wanted to wait until I was done recording my newest song.

I recently recorded a new song entitled “Thousandaire” that lays out a five step plan for how young people can start their journey to financial freedom. I hope to build a lot more content around this song over the coming months and use this as a basis for how I teach personal finance. This will be the flagship song of my website and brand and I couldn’t be happier than to share it with this group of people before I publish it to the rest of the world.

Thanks for reading my member post, and thank you all for being a part of Yakezie. I would be completely lost as a blogger without this group.

[youtube_sc url= width=620]

Video Guide
If you want to skip to the certain parts of the video, here is a guide to save you some time.

0:00 – Discussion: Why I focus on young people
1:19 – Clips of fun videos I’ve already published
3:18 – Discussion: New Song “Thousandaire”
4:46 – Full length version of “Thousandaire” audio

If you want to watch any of my other videos in full, you can find them all in the videos section of my blog or at my Youtube Channel.