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Don’t Confuse Being A Freelancer With Being A Blogger And Vice Versa

by in Lifestyle on Aug 5th, 2013

The terms “blogger” and “freelancer” are often used interchangeably to describe ourselves, but it’s important to differentiate between the two to minimize disappointment and maximize profitability. One can certainly be a blogger with a freelance business or a freelancer with a blog. However, to do one successfully requires a different skillset. I’m a blogger first [...]

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Tortoise Banker – Yakezie Member Post

in Featured on Apr 23rd, 2014

Aloha Yakezie Ohana! I’m Chuck, the author of Tortoise Banker.  By day I’m a branch manager of a community bank where I have the pleasure of helping all kinds of wonderful people find the peace of mind simple financial advice can bring.  Like many of you, I was initially drawn to personal finance blogging because of [...]

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Brick By Brick Investing – Yakezie Member Post

by in Featured on Apr 21st, 2014
Brick By Brick Investing – Yakezie Member Post Thumbnail

Hey Yakezie Network!! Words can’t express how ecstatic I am to officially become a member of this highly exclusive network. My blogging adventure began in the fall of 2012 and after stumbling around the blogosphere for a couple weeks the one thing that became abundantly clear…. every successful blog I came across had the Yakezie [...]

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Moneystepper – Yakezie Member Post

by in Featured on Apr 17th, 2014
moneystepper - Yakezie member post

There’s a famous expression often used to explain your crappy old car: “it gets me from A to B”. What an intriguing little phrase. It makes getting from one point to another sound remarkably easy: it only requires a battered old banger to achieve it. In my personal life, I have found the reality of [...]

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Yakezie Member Post: Luke1428 Born Out of Inspiration

by in Featured on Apr 14th, 2014
Picture of runner with medal after running the Atlanta Marathon

Who inspires you? Is that too serious a question to begin a Yakezie new member post? Perhaps, but it’s extremely relevant for me because I think about this every time I sit down to write. Dwelling on this keeps my writing focused on my mission. Above all, as noted here on Yakezie recently, it allows [...]

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The Most Important Aspect Of Being A Successful Blogger

by in Lifestyle on Apr 7th, 2014
happy successful blogger

I love how here on Yakezie we all come together for our love and interest in blogging, personal finance, lifestyle topics, and helping each other. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a blogger without Yakezie and the support of so many Members and Challengers. I knew so little about websites and blogging before [...]

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How To Make Money Quitting Your Job
  • Financial Samurai: Hi Chuck, I will have to visit you one day. Sounds like a wonderful life. Ever get island fever...
  • maria@moneyprinciple: Wonderful post and very, very glad to have you with us, Chuck. Keep hustlin’, keep well...
  • krantcents: Congratulation completing the challenge. Savings was and is my number one priority. I will have to switch...
  • Brian@Luke1428: Congrats on completing the challenge Chuck! And I’m not only talking about Yakezie. Can’t...
  • AverageJoe: Awesome post. Happy to get to know you better. Love your 16 points strategy. You’re right: simple...
  • Zee: Congrats on completing the challenge. I’m curious since you brought it up, (also because I’m just...
  • maria@moneyprinciple: Welcome, Marvin; well done for completing the challenge. Keep going and shall be seeing you...
  • moneystepper: Thanks Pauline. That’s good news – it means I’m a sure thing to succeed now!! ;)
  • Brian@Luke1428: “…might consider me competition…” Haha…I thought this as well. I...
  • Pauline: Welcome Brian, and well done on the team work. You guys are lucky to have each other.
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